Updated COVID Policies (Jan 13, 2022)

We are writing to update you about our COVID policies and planning. Over the last two weeks, we monitored our cases and continued to consult with our medical partners. This update reflects this work as well as our commitment to our primary goal: To have students in school and be able to provide excellent teaching/learning experiences for them.

There are seven key updates highlighted below:

1) Staying Home

If your child/ren are experiencing any symptoms, please keep them home. Please continue to commit to our daily health assessment and contact your child’s nurse with any questions.

2) Testing

Rapid Testing

Another kit with two tests will go home Thursday, January 13th. Please test your child on Monday evening (1/17) or Tuesday morning (1/18) before school, and then again on Sunday evening (1/23) or Monday morning (1/24). Negative test results will be confirmed verbally with all families at drop-off. If your child has not tested and produced a negative result they may not be dropped off at school. Instead, families will have to leave campus to test and then return once a negative test result is confirmed. Beginning in February, we will no longer use weekly rapid tests as our surveillance tool. We will shift to the State Testing Program in order to continue to be able to test our entire community.

State Testing Program (info)

On Tuesday, we surveyed families to provide their child’s vaccination status and consider consent for the State Program. The program will allow us to engage in three types of testing: pooled testing, symptomatic testing, and test/stay testing at school.

If families provide consent, it will cover all three types of testing; there is no option through the state to consent for only one or two types of tests. Please read about the program here and check our website later this week to review a FAQ about the program.

3) Isolation and Quarantine Policies

Individuals Positive for COVID-19

  • Your child must isolate for 5 days from the date of positive test or first day of symptoms (this is Day 0)
  • If fever-free for 24 hours without the use of medication, and symptom-free, then your child can return to school on Day 6
  • If your child returns to school with noticeable symptoms or reports symptoms during the day, they will be isolated in the health office and parents will be contacted to pick them up.

Individuals Exposed to COVID-19 (close contacts)

  • Vaccinated Students (2 doses of Pfizer + 14 days)
    • No quarantine required but mask when around people for 10 days
    • Closely monitor for symptoms of COVID-19
    • Laboratory/PCR or home antigen test on Day 5 after exposure
    • If your child becomes symptomatic, quarantine them immediately, contact their PCP and seek testing
    • If your child tests positive, please notify the nursing team
  • Unvaccinated or Partially Vaccinated Students
    • If your child is not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (less than 2 weeks since their 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine) then CDC and MDPH guidelines/Carroll School policies state that they must quarantine immediately
    • Quarantine is required for 5 days from last date of exposure (Day 0), and then mask when around people for an additional 5 days
    • Closely monitor for symptoms of COVID-19
    • Obtain a laboratory/PCR or home antigen test on Day 5 after exposure
    • If the laboratory/PCR/home antigen test is negative, your child can return to school on Day 6
    • If your child becomes symptomatic, quarantine them immediately, contact their PCP and seek testing
    • If your child tests positive, please notify the nursing team

4) Masks

Students are required to wear a snug fitting 3-ply disposable mask and/or KN95s and/or KF94s at all times indoors. We are shifting to voluntary masking outdoors. Cloth masks are no longer acceptable, except as a secondary mask. We will continue to provide mask breaks throughout the day. There will be more frequent "mask checks" for students and calls home for students who repeatedly miss mask expectations.

5) Lunch/Eating

Any individual eating or drinking indoors will continue to maintain at least six feet of distance from others. If eating indoors, students will engage in quiet lunch; even in the winter months, windows will be cracked in order to provide for air circulation. Outdoor lunch option only if the temperature is above 32 degrees.

6) Athletics

Athletic interscholastic competition will resume beginning the week of January 18, 2022. We will continue to monitor cases; if we begin to identify clusters and/or spread within teams, we will suspend interscholastic play.

7) Remote Teaching/Learning

Given the rise in cases among students and educators, it is no longer tenable to offer both remote teaching/learning and in-person options for students. Our focus moving forward is dedicated to in-person experiences; effective Tuesday, January 18th, remote learning is no longer an option.

If your child/ren are home because they tested positive for COVID, the expectation is that they rest and get better. In order to access independent learning resources, please visit the Parent Community on our website.

Thank you for your continued partnership and support during this complex time.

In partnership,

Carroll School Health & Safety Team
Renée Greenfield, Judi Seldin, Donna Linstrom, Kate Collins, Allison West, Sue Kingman, & Allison Harmon

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