Teacher Workshops

Carroll School's teacher workshops and trainings provide opportunities for educators and administrators to get best practice tips and classroom ideas from experts in the education field. Complete our contact form to get on our email list and be notified of upcoming teacher & math workshops.

RAVE-O: A Systematic Approach to Reading Fluency

Presenter: Melissa Orkin, Ph.D.
2019 & 2020 Dates to Be Announced

This 12-hour professional development course, distributed over two full days, prepares professionals to implement the curriculum immediately. Professionals will learn:

  • a new conceptualization of reading disorders including creating subtypes or profiles based on over 30 years of locally and federally supported research by Dr. Maryanne Wolf and Tufts University
  • a developmental and multi-component-based intervention for reading fluency and comprehension
  • instructional strategies for putting the RAVE-O curriculum into practice in classroom and tutorial settings through demonstration lessons
  • considerations for integrating RAVE-O with phonological-based intervention programs
  • Learn more about RAVE-O

The RAVE-O curricular materials are NOT included with the cost of the workshop. Please visit Voyager Sopris Learning to learn more about the RAVE-O toolkit. It is not necessary to purchase the curriculum kit in order to attend the training.

Registration is required before the event and is processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Payment is due at the time of registration and includes light refreshments, participants should plan to bring their own lunch. Payment is refundable up to 14 days prior to the event date. A workshop confirmation will be emailed including directions to the workshop location.

While we make every effort to conduct professional development events on the dates and locations advertised, they are subject to change without prior notice. Carroll School reserves the right to change or cancel a professional development event due to low enrollment or factors beyond our control. We will attempt to notify registrants to limit customer inconvenience but we are not liable for any expenses incurred.

12 PDP's available
Workshop Fee: $400

Registration coming soon!

Literacy Instruction That's Targeted (LITT)

LITT: Using Assessment to Inform Students' Learning Profiles and Select Appropriate Interventions and Instructional Modifications (Elementary & Middle School)
Presenter: Melissa Orkin, Ph.D.
2020 Dates to be Announced

This two-day workshop shares a practical framework for understanding, assessing, and intervening with reading disabilities. Determining why a reader is struggling and how to match up the appropriate curriculum or instructional goal can be a challenging process. This workshop will focus on using assessment tools to differentiate between the learning profiles of struggling readers. Attendees will learn about the multiple cognitive and linguistic processes and better understand their individual contributions to the development of literacy. Discussion and activities will focus on the assessment of components of the reading circuit and developing remediation plans that are based on specific learning profiles. Particular attention will be paid to deficits in retrieval or naming speed, which often results in weaknesses in fluency and comprehension in late elementary school, and challenges with working memory. By the end of the workshop participants will have a richer understanding of the cognitive and linguistic elements involved in the reading process and be able to assess and plan intervention based on their students' deficits. 

12 PDP's available
Workshop Fee: $320

Registration coming soon!

Understanding Assessment of Reading, Cognition, and Learning Abilities

Presenter: Lesley Egler, Ph.D.
2020 Dates to Be Announced

This workshop is for professionals who want to make discerning use of test results to maximize student academic progress, but do not have specific knowledge of what these tests measure or how to analyze and critique the results.

It will expose participants to the rationale behind a broad range of tests commonly used in the evaluation of children and adults with reading, language, and related learning difficulties. Specifically included are: tests of intelligence/cognitive functioning, achievement, perceptual abilities, memory, attention, executive functioning, language skills, and a wide range of reading tests.

Selected case studies will serve to demystify the basic statistical concepts and properties of standardized, norm-referenced tests. Participants will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a collaborative setting among peers. Participants will leave with a working knowledge of sample test batteries and test profiles.

The workshop is designed to empower educators to become competent, confident consumers of evaluation reports that diagnose reading, language, and learning abilities, as well as an understanding of the implications of specific test profiles for strategic instructional programs and plans.

12 PDP's available
Workshop Fee: $320

Registration coming soon!

How Oral Language Skills Influence the 5 Processes Involved in Reading

Presenter: Victoria Lord, M.S. CCC-SLP and Reading Specialist
2020 Dates to Be Announced

In 2000, The National Reading Panel (NRP) released a meta-analysis report, which identified five areas to target for successful reading instruction: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. This one-day workshop will explore how oral language skills are foundational for the development of all five reading components. This workshop is designed for professionals who want to analyze the oral language building blocks necessary for reading development, and how to successfully intervene at various stages.

Participants will delve into the five components of language: phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics and learn about their impact on reading development. Standardized assessment results and case studies will be used to investigate the relationships between spoken and written language. Participants will also learn about different assessment measures that depict a student’s area(s) of need in spoken language. Attendees will familiarize themselves with specific interventions appropriate for each area of language.

Educators will leave with a foundational understanding of how spoken language affects and supports the development of reading. They will also have exposure to interpreting student assessment results, and the influence it may have on their performance in their classroom, clinic, tutorial, or small group. You will leave this workshop with a better understanding how oral language and literacy are directly linked.

Workshop Fee: $135 (maximum enrollment = 24)

Registration coming soon!

Math Workshops

Carroll School offers Math professional development every summer lead by top-notch presenters providing teachers with ongoing math education. Our trainings provide opportunities for educators and administrators to get best practice tips for how to teach math the "Carroll" way. Our math curriculum is designed to teach students how to think by emphasizing number sense, problem solving, and visual representation over memorization.

This past summer, in collaboration with the CGI Math Teacher Learning Center, Carroll presented a seminar geared for math teachers and administrators of students in Grades 3-6 called Cognitively Guided Instruction: Multiplication, Division and Fractions.

More information about upcoming math workshops will be available soon!