Teacher Training

Carroll School knows that teachers and tutors have the power to change lives. We see it every day in our classrooms.

That's why we are fiercely dedicated to providing a robust teacher training program filled with best practices, cutting-edge strategies, and leading research in the academic field. In fact, every Carroll faculty member is required to take the following professional development courses in their first four years: (1) Orton-Gillingham, (2) The Child with Dyslexia, (3) Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (4) Data-Informed Instruction, and (5) Pedagogy - The Science of Teaching.

Our professional development workshops, teacher trainings, and Master's programs enrich the qualifications of Carroll's faculty, educators from other schools, and career changers.

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Orton-Gillingham Training

Orton-Gillingham Courses & Workshops

The Garside Institute for Teacher Training (GIFTT) was established to provide teachers and tutors with Orton-Gillingham training through coursework and practicum experience. Our mission is to educate professionals and give them the skills to successfully work with students who have language-based learning disabilities.

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Girl with dyslexia working with math cubes

Math & Teacher Workshops

Our workshops and trainings provide opportunities for educators and administrators to get best practice tips and classroom ideas from experts in the education field.

2019 Workshops include these topics: RAVE-O (Melissa Orkin), Cognitively Guided Math Instruction (Annie Keith), Understanding Assessment of Reading, Cognition & Learning Abilities (Lesley Egler), and more.

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Master's Degree of Education for Dyslexia Students

Master's Degree of Education in Moderate Disabilities

The Angela Wilkins Program of Graduate Studies in Education includes two dynamic programs each leading to a full Massachusetts initial license and a Master's degree in Education:

  • Moderate Disabilities: Pre-K through Grade 8
  • Moderate Disabilities: Grades 5-12

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