How to Coordinate Transportation

This is probably one of the most compelling issues most new parents are faced with. For many of you, it's a long road to Carroll. In addition, we are aware you're juggling Carroll transportation with what is probably already a busy morning schedule.

In an attempt to assist parents with coordinating transportation, we've compiled a Carpool Resource/Family Contact List, (sorted by town) which provides you with contact information for all new and current Carroll families.

Carpool List 2023-24 (Login Required)

Carpool Classifieds 2023-2024

Welcome to the 2023-2024 Carroll School Carpool Classifieds page. The purpose of this page is to enable parents to connect with each other for carpool options for the school year - whether you are looking for someone to carpool or can provide year-round rides for students in your area.

Please use the form on the page to post your classified "ad" - be sure to include details and how someone should contact you. Or, you can simply browse through the "ads" at the bottom of this page.

Carpool Classifieds 2023-2024

Parent Coordinated Buses

How to Share 2023-24 Transportation Plans

Please share your child's 2023-24 transportation plans on this form.

How to Report a Change in Transportation

We're aware there may be some juggling with your transportation plans over the course of the year. Please keep us updated!

For a pick-up or transportation changes just for a day:

Please fill in THIS FORM before 2:00 pm Monday - Thursday or before 11:00 am on a Friday.

For transportation changes that are ongoing: