Secondary School Advising

Even before a student starts at Carroll School, parents ask the question, "Where does my child go after Carroll's 8th grade?"

Carroll graduates attend a variety of high school types including public, technical, agricultural, charter, religious, private day, and boarding schools. Like our mission, we aim to send students to a school that best meets their needs.

For some families, the simple answer is Carroll's Upper School. In the Upper School, students benefit from the continuity of learning that also prepares them incredibly well for the rigors of high school. and opens up next school options that were previously out of reach.

Our Secondary School Advising team is here to support families as they research, visit, apply, and choose the right next step for their children.

Secondary School Advising Overview

Secondary School Advising Team


Charlene Kmetz

Director of Secondary School Advising

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Cece McNally

Secondary School Advising Associate

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October To-Do Checklist

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☑️ Review September To Do List - Get list here.
☑️ Neuropsychological Evaluation - Schedule neuropsychological evaluation (if applicable) and send updated neuropsych reports to Mary Texeira.
☑️ Parent Questionnaire - If you have not already done so, complete the Parent Questionnaire and schedule a meeting with your designation Secondary School Advisor.
☑️ Start School List - Begin to develop a list of schools to which your child will apply and forward schools of interest to your Secondary School advisor.
☑️ Schedule Tours & Interviews at high schools of interest. See a list of Open Houses here (scroll down page to Additional Resources).

☑️ Attend Events - Mark your calendar for the upcoming events sponsored by Carroll's Secondary School Advising office.

If You are considering an independent or parochial school:
☑️ SSAT - Determine if your child will be taking the SSAT. Register for the test and/or request accommodations. Please refer to our SSAT page for info, how to register, how to request accommodations, and how to work through the process.
☑️ Ravenna & SAO - Familiarize yourself with Ravenna and the Standard Application Online (SAO) as these are the most common and preferred application methods for independent schools. Helpful resource: Using the SAO Checklist
☑️ Notify Advisor of Absence/s - Please notify your child's SSA advisor with the dates that your child will be out of school for any school appointments and report their absences.
☑️ Schedule Practice Interview - Ask your child to email or visit their Secondary School advisor to schedule a practice interview, if they are preparing for school interviews.
If You are considering Public school:
☑️ Register - Register with your local school district (if you don't have a current IEP).
☑️ Contact Special Ed - Contact your town's middle and high school special education departments and let them know your intention to enroll in the high school.

☑️ SpedPac - Join your town's Special Education Advisory Council to gain more information on services provided in your school district.