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Carroll's Involvement in the IEP Process for Carroll School Families and School Districts

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To: Carroll Families and School Districts
Re: Carroll School's Involvement in IEP Processes
Date: September 1, 2022

  1. All agreements are made directly between families and districts. As such, Carroll’s signature is not warranted on any documents.
  2. With written parental permission, Carroll School will provide parents and school districts with (1) Carroll Student Data Report, (2) recent Quarterly Reports, and (3) Statement of Educational Services provided at Carroll. This information is sent out by school to our registrar ( Any other information must be provided by the parents directly to the school district. These data reports will support the development of individual educational plans with more than enough information about a student's profile and current level of performance. Carroll participates in the creation of IEPs by providing these reports but does not participate in IEP meetings. Participation in IEPs may only occur when a child is transitioning to a public program.
  3. Carroll offers opportunities for school districts and evaluators to observe children twice a month for 2 periods. Division Administrators coordinate these visits:
  4. It is the responsibility of the visitor/observer to obtain and present written parental permission before a visit can be scheduled and data can be released.
  5. When updated testing is required by the IEP process, that testing cannot occur on campus at Carroll School.  
  6. Our goal is to support each Carroll child and family, regardless of whether they are publicly funded or not. Parents are always welcome to request meetings and discussions about their child's healthy growth and development.