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Our Interscholastic Sports Program for Middle & Upper School athletes emphasizes developing athletic skills, sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, confidence, social skills, and the ability to compete both physically, intellectually, and emotionally.

Sports include: soccer, cross country, flag football, ice hockey, basketball, lacrosse, track & field, ultimate frisbee, and golf.

Fall Sports Registration Info

Registration opens on Monday, August 15, 2022 at 12 noon EST. Before registering, please review the Athletics Health & Safety info below for pre-participation requirements.

Athletics Health & Safety Info

Please read fully and carefully before enrolling your child in the fall sports program.
Updated: August 11, 2022

Per our Parent-Student Handbook 2022-23, parents/guardians of student athletes should be aware of the following:

  • Carroll School will implement mandatory COVID-19 vaccination upon approval by the Food & Drug Administration at any point prior to the commencement of the academic year or during the course of the academic year. Carroll School reserves the right to determine what constitutes full vaccination, to include any booster vaccinations for coronavirus.
  • Carroll School in its sole discretion may require all students, as a condition of participation in afterschool activities, to provide proof of negative test results for the coronavirus on a schedule determined by the School, even if not mandated by federal, state, or local health authorities.
  • Carroll School may implement mandatory testing prior to the commencement of the academic year or during the course of the academic year. Carroll School may also choose to implement other health and safety protocols, that can change from time to time, to address coronavirus, or any derivations or mutations thereof, even if not mandated by federal, state, or local health authorities. Compliance with all other protocols adopted by Carroll School shall also be a condition of participation in afterschool activities.
Sports Registration Checklist
☑️ Masks - Masks are optional while participating in sports but still required on the bus to and from practice and games.
☑️ Physical Exams - Log in to your Magnus account to check the status of your child's physical exam. In order to participate in Carroll athletics, your child's physical must be dated no more than 13 months prior to the start of the season (the Fall season begins on September 12, 2022). The Next Action Date listed in the Annual Physical Exam section is the date that the physical will no longer be current. If the Next Action Date (expiration date) is prior to 9/12/2022, please make arrangements for your child to have a physical, as they will be unable to participate in any team activities (practices or competition) until the physical is current. Any new physical exams should be uploaded to Magnus so our school nurses can approve them and clear the athlete for play.
☑️ Complete Required Forms - Pre-participation requirements include a Head Injury/Concussion History form, a COVID-19 History form, an emergency medications plan, acknowledgement of concussion and substance use prevention resources, and a link to Carroll's Concussion Policy. Parents of student athletes can complete these forms alongside their mandatory health/medical and school forms required for all students prior to the first day of school. If not completed at that time, you will begin receiving automated emails from Magnus soon after you register your child for sports notifying you that there are requirements in need of completion.

☑️ Know the Concussion Policy - Carroll's Concussion Policy describes a partnership between athletes, coaches, parents, counselors, nurses and faculty that is essential for the management of head injury/concussion in our student population. Please note that if your child sustains a head injury or reports symptoms during a team activity, the coach will remove them from play and contact you. Your child will be referred to their PCP for an assessment and clearance to return to play/return to academics.  If your child sustains a head injury outside of school, please contact the school nurse immediately to discuss a management plan.

☑️ Select Emergency Medication Plan - If your child is prescribed emergency medications (i.e. inhalers, epipens) for asthma or life-threatening allergies, there are two options for ensuring that their meds are accessible to them during team activities. (1) You may provide a dedicated set to the coach who will store them in their equipment bag for the duration of the season, or (2) You may choose to have your child carry the medications to sports each day, and notify the coaches where they will be located. Please note that if you choose option 2 and the medications are forgotten or otherwise unavailable, in an emergency situation the coaches would call 911 to activate emergency medical services.

Fall Sports Team Websites

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