Wilkins Family Endowed Faculty Fund

When the trustees came forward stating that they would like to initiate a fund in honor of the Wilkins Family they asked what I thought the focus of that fund should be. It took me less than a second to reply--teachers.

-Steve Wilkins

Steve Wilkins dedicated 25 years to Carroll School. He started as a teacher in 1977 and held many leadership roles before leaving to serve as Head of School at several independent schools. Steve then returned to Carroll as Head of School in 2005. For 16 years, he expertly steered Carroll’s mission to empower children with language-based learning differences to become successful, confident lifelong learners.

To honor Steve and Sarah Wilkins’ many contributions, the Board of Trustees established the Wilkins Family Endowed Faculty Fund as part of the If Not for Carroll capital campaign. This fund allows the community to recognize our talented, committed, and collaborative faculty, who are especially meaningful to Steve.

Steve believes that investing in faculty talent is the key to maximizing student outcomes. His drive to put the most highly trained professionals in Carroll’s classrooms, those who can make the greatest impact on dyslexic learners, never wavered. His vision and leadership transformed countless families. It is with this spirit that we ask you to join us in honoring Steve and Sarah for their family’s service to Carroll School.

As of June 11, 2022, former Board Chair Dick Waters announced that more than $2.9 million has been raised for the Wilkins Family Endowed Faculty Fund. Together, we can continue to attract and retain a superb academic team with your philanthropy.

Frequently Asked Questions

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