Why I Give

We consistently hear two important questions from our community: “Why should I give to Carroll?” and “Does my gift really matter?” These are important questions. To get to an answer, we asked our community why they give to Carroll. Here are their stories. We'd love to hear yours!

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If Not for Carroll
The first time we heard the campaign’s name, we were struck by our own ending to the sentence, ‘If not for Carroll...’. This school has had a dramatic impact on our son and on so many lives. It has transformed the learning trajectory of thousands of students. We see the success of the campaign as a validation of Carroll’s mission, leadership, approach, and work as a global leader in education for learning differences.

Leslie and Devin O'Reilly P'20

"C" Stands for Carroll
Carroll isn’t like any other community I’ve been a part of. Other schools feel like a ‘nice to have’ to me now… and Carroll is a must. I can’t imagine not giving in some form or fashion, because I’ve experienced firsthand the way Carroll changes lives. Giving to the Annual Fund is integral to a healthy operating budget, and that budget is key to everything the faculty, staff, and administration do.

Jonathan Black P'22

Some things never change ... like what Carroll means to me!
Carroll's values of respect, responsibility, advocacy and compassion is what creates the supportive environment which allows our daughter to stay confident, invested in her education and accepting of her learning differences. 

Robin and Tripp Jones P'21

We Did It!
It’s a terrible feeling for a parent to know your child needs something, the way my son needed Carroll, and to not be able to afford to provide it. Financial Aid is the only thing that made Carroll possible for us. When they asked me to get involved as an Annual Fund Ambassador, my answer was ‘OF COURSE!’ I don’t even think of it as raising money for a school —I’m raising money for a kid to get what they need.

Betsy Gillis P'20

A Message from the Black Family