Capital Campaign

If Not for Carroll

Every family has a story of how they came to the Carroll School and the difference it has made in their lives. “If not for Carroll…” these stories begin.

Recognizing the transformational power of a Carroll education, If Not for Carroll is the name of our fundraising campaign. If Not for Carroll sets an ambitious course for the future. We are asking parents, alumni, and friends to think differently about Carroll and philanthropy than they ever have before and come together to support our initiatives.

Why I Give to Carroll

Lory Doolittle

Grandparent of Current Student

Bina Thompson

Grandparent of Current Student

Campaign Initiatives

Financial Assistance for Carroll School

Strengthening Financial Assistance

Unlike other schools in greater Boston, Carroll is not simply one option among many. For most of our students, we are the only viable choice. We provide a unique, specialized education for students whose previous schools have been unable to help them sufficiently.

If Not for Carroll aims to strengthen our financial assistance program so every child who needs a Carroll education can get one.

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Raising Money for Teacher Salaries

Empowering Faculty

With their advanced training, skills, and passion for working with children with dyslexia, Carroll School teachers are stunningly effective. They succeed where others have failed. Our teachers deliver a truly individualized education.

If Not for Carroll empowers faculty with funds to bring teachers’ compensation in line with their expertise and further enhance our robust professional development programs.

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Expanding Facilities at Carroll School

Expanding Facilities

Students with dyslexia excel in areas often undervalued in traditional schools. Their creativity may come through sports, the arts, technology, or at constructing things with their hands. For Carroll students, these activities aren’t “extra.” They are vital to students’ discovering their strengths.

If Not for Carroll aims to ensure that our facilities are up to the task of accentuating the abilities and dyslexic advantage of our students who are the next generation of inventors, designers, and problem solvers.

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To learn more about If Not for Carroll, please contact Chief Advancement Officer, Patrick Sylvester, at: