Annual Fund

The Annual Fund provides critical funding that bridges the gap each year between tuition and the actual cost of educating a Carroll student.

Annual Fund gifts make a difference every day in our 3:1 student-to-teacher ratio, innovative cognitive intervention programs, and data-driven teaching methods. Gifts help our teachers find the unique learning path for each student in order to provide what she or he most needs to succeed academically and socially.

Thank you in advance for joining with us as we advocate for our motivated students who not only see the world differently but also have incredible gifts to offer the world.

Andrew Gray ’73, Trustee
Annual Fund Chair

Thank you for helping us exceed our goal of $1,250,000 last year!

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10 Reasons to Give to the Annual Fund

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Professional Development at Carroll School

#10 - Professional Development

Carroll School teachers & tutors receive over 80 hours of innovative hands-on training, workshops, and seminars each year to strengthen their already amazing skills.

Community Building Events at Carroll School

#9 - Community-Building Events

Gifts to Carroll School help fund events and activities that build community - Fall Festival, Homecoming, Visitors’ Days, Alumni Gatherings, Expert Speaker Events, and more.

Teachers for Kids with Dyslexia

#8 - The Best Teachers

Annual Fund gifts directly support teacher salaries, helping the school attract and retain the best teachers in the world.

Tutors for Kids with Dyslexia

#7 - Giving Each Child What They Most Need

Annual Fund gifts allow Carroll to deliver on its mission - to provide an innovative, individualized education to a diverse community of students.

Cognitive Brain Games for Kids with Dyslexia

#6 - Cognitive

Cognitive at Carroll changes the way our students’ brain access and process information … making them stronger learners. Annual Fund gifts fund the research, development, and support of our Cognitive program.

Dyslexia Awareness Month

#5 - Dyslexia Advocacy

Annual Fund gifts help Carroll be a leading voice for dyslexia and enable partnerships with organizations doing important dyslexia research, such as MIT.

Dyslexia Tutoring - Orton-Gillingham

#4 - Training Educators in the Carroll Way

Gifts to Carroll allows us to spread our expertise to educators from all over the US through our Garside Institute for Teacher Training (GIFTT) program, our Master’s program, and through speaking opportunities at national teaching symposia.

Outdoor Education for Kids at School

#3 - Promote Dyslexic Strengths

Annual Fund gifts help Carroll amplify the dyslexic strengths of our students through visual art, performing art, Bounders, and physical education.

STEM Learning and Innovation Labs at School

#2 - Innovation Studios

Each campus has an innovation studio (i.e. maker space) that provides students with innovative, creative, STEAM learning. The Annual Fund supports many aspects of this.

Educating Kids with Dyslexia

#1 - Lives Changed

Your Annual Fund gift TODAY provides 427 students with skills that change their lives, in much the same way as we’ve impacted the lives of our over 3,000 alumni.