Fall 2020 Plan

July 20, 2020 Update

The emergence and global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 has changed the way schools around the globe think about education. Carroll is no exception.

We know Carroll students benefit mostly from the following “gec” (give each child what they most need) principles: explicit and direct instruction, interactive feedback from their teachers, lessons designed to address their unique needs, immersive participation, and a strong support system. How do we deliver this learning experience while keeping the health and safety of our community as a top priority? This is the challenge that our Leadership Team wrestles with daily.

As we mentioned in an email sent in late June, Carroll's plan is to operate an on-campus program when school opens on September 1st.

In order to do this successfully, we are designing a plan with the utmost consideration to the health and safety of the entire Carroll community. To enable on-campus learning in the safest possible way, Carroll is establishing “learning pods” or what the DESE calls “cohorts” as the central organizing structure. Across all grades, small groups of between 12-20 students will form a pod that minimizes intersection with other pods.

We are also partnering with Environmental Health & Engineering, Inc. alongside many other local independent schools to develop advanced and robust guidelines, protocols, and procedures for how to safely operate a school during a global pandemic including building maintenance, health & hygiene protocols, community safety, and more.

Although an extensive amount of thought and decision-making has gone into the plan to-date, please note that rapidly changing global conditions mandate that we continue to fine tune every aspect of the school’s reopening. Likewise, we will continue to communicate changes with you through the summer with weekly email communications. 

Carroll also understands that the transition back to school may come with concerns and complexities, and we are committed to orienting your children to the new school year in a supportive and safe way. We will also guide and support families by communicating with you often and being available as you need. Please direct any questions or special circumstances to your child's Division Head:

We invite you to read onward to learn about our evolving Academic Plan for the 2020-2021 school year, including key decisions made to date.


Carroll School Leadership Planning Team

Carroll's 2020-2021 Academic Year Plan Goals

Carroll's Leadership Planning Team has set forth the following 4 goals in planning for the academic year ahead and in determining whether to operate on-campus or remotely:

  1. Health and Safety: Maintaining the health and safety of our students, their families, our employees, and our community
  2. Give Each Child (GEC): Providing an individualized, guided, and robust education that meets the unique needs of each student
  3. Equity: Ensuring that the plan is equitable across our entire community and being fully aware and sensitive to the variety of challenges many are facing during the pandemic
  4. Flexibility & Adaptability: Designing our program with tremendous flexibility so that we can adjust quickly to any changes in pandemic conditions and per the guidance of federal, state, and local health agencies

Carroll School Phases

As the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is operating on Governor Baker’s phased reopening plan, we think that this logic has some application for how we think about next year at Carroll. Here are Carroll School Phases and how they align with MA phases:

Carroll School Priorities

The health and well-being of the Carroll community is the top priority as we plan for the in-person learning that is so beneficial to our students. To do this in the safest possible way, we are considering every aspect of how to operate the school in our plan, some of which is still evolving. Below are some of the key decisions made so far.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will continue to add to this list of FAQ's as information becomes available. Last updated 7/30/2020.


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