Carroll Connection 2023-2024

Carroll Connection 2023-24

Welcome to Belonging.

Message from Dr. Renée Greenfield, Head of School

As humans, we all have a deep yearning to belong: to be seen and heard. Belonging is crucial to our happiness and essential for learning.

Interestingly enough, belonging is predicated on differences. At Carroll, we work to create a culture that reinforces this belief: If you think differently, you belong here.

We integrate what we know about belonging and how students learn best, creating an environment where students thrive. Belonging does not just magically happen; we work intentionally to cultivate it.

At Carroll, we think about and talk through our own lived experiences. We teach perspective-taking and we model empathy. We build trust relationships so students open themselves up to learning. Students learn best when they feel seen, heard, and understood.

Just recently, I asked a student if they felt like they belonged at Carroll. After nodding, I asked: How do you know? After a thoughtful pause, they responded: I just feel it.

In this issue of the Connection, we engaged our community to define what belonging at Carroll means to them. My guess is that you will feel your own sense of belonging at Carroll through these pages.

Belonging at Carroll is ...

...having a new mindset about academic opportunities and hope of a better future."

The Joseph and Vital Family
Middle School

...hanging out with my friends and getting to know my teachers really well."

Hayes Thompson
7th Grade Student

...knowing we are absolutely, without a doubt, in exactly the right place."

Angela Orlando
Upper School Parent

...feeling we have a community that shares the joy of the connection, empathy for our struggles, and celebration of our accomplishments."

The Plante Family
Lower & Middle School

...being comfortable being uncomfortable. Carroll has given our child the space and awareness to be okay with not knowing the correct answer right away and that speed doesn't always win the race."

The Renyi Family
Middle School

...being accepted as who you are no matter what."

Franck Knopf
3rd Grade Student

...stepping through the doors of the school with your child and knowing that the teachers, administration and staff understand and will support your child's strengths and weaknesses."

Jolie & Todd Helmbrecht
Middle School Parents

...feeling comfortable and like you are supposed to be here."

Goodie Dawson
5th Grade Student

Carroll Connection Articles

Being everything you are, boldly. At Carroll, belonging is more than a feeling. It's a place, a presence, and a collective experience.

Belonging Inside a Carroll Language Classroom with Anna Siegel
A little magic, and a lot of metaphors: Inside a Carroll Language Classroom

By Anna Siegel, 5th Grade Language Teacher

⭐️Belonging is a two-way conversation.

Building a Middle School makers space
Building a middle school makers' haven

By Josh Mulready, Middle School Makers Teacher

⭐️Belonging is being empowered to make your mark.

The Hero's Journey Narrative Project for 8th Grade
Familiar story, new spin: Helping 8th graders find themselves in a classic narrative

By Nicole Jones, Middle School Language Arts Teacher

⭐️Belonging is bravely discovering who I can be.

The gradual transformation of 9th graders from self-doubt to self-advocacy
Learning Curve: The gradual transformation of 9th graders from self-doubt to self-advocacy

An interview with Kate Collins and Eva Boscolo, Upper School Division Head and Student

⭐️Belonging is a foundation from which you flourish.

A tutor's journey from dyslexia parent to Orton-Gillingham educator
A tutor's journey from dyslexia parent to Orton-Gillingham educator

A Q&A with Diane Hutchinson, Lower School Tutor

⭐️Belonging is teaching from experience.

How data guides teaching, learning and individual success at Carroll School
Data Deep-Dive: How data guides teaching, learning, and individual success at Carroll

Allison West, Middle School Division Head

⭐️Belonging is being understood on every level.

Building trust through the art of play and Carroll Multis

Julie Siftar, Will Close '11, and Shea Schatell, Multis Teachers

⭐️Belonging is the root of confidence.

A fond farewell to Lower School Division Head Sue Kingman
A fond farewell to Lower School Division Head, Sue Kingman

Stacey Daniels, Chief Enrollment and Financial Assistance Officer

⭐️Belonging is leading with mission and passion.

Meet Nicholas Kieler, Senior Accountant at Carroll School
Staff Spotlight: Nicholas Kieler

Senior Accountant

Maddy Aswad: graduate intern spotlight
Graduate Intern Spotlight: Maddy Aswad

The Angela Wilkins Program of Graduate Studies in Education

Class Highlights from 2022-2023 School Year at Carroll
Belonging is where I learn best.

Class highlights from the 2022-2023 School Year.

Carroll Connection Silly Fill-Ins (Mad Libs)
Silly Fill-Ins

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