Carroll Connection 2019-2020

Carroll’s vibrant community collaboratively pens the school’s journey story. Each student, alumnus, parent, and teacher brings a unique perspective to this shared journey and the mile markers along the way. In this edition of Carroll Connection, we hear from our community about their journey before, during, and after Carroll School.

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The Journey - Carroll Connection

The Journey

In monthly information sessions with prospective parents we always tell them that Carroll enrolls one type of student. We’re very specific about that. Carroll children are bright, motivated, well-behaved students with language-based learning difficulties. It just turns out that we have 429 students in the school and, therefore, 429 variations of that theme. We carry that notion forward into this issue of Carroll Connection.

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The Student Journey

Carroll School - The Student Journey Infographic
Student Contributors
  • Nadline Vitale, Grade 3, 2nd year at Carroll
  • Michael Anderson, Grade 5, 2nd year at Carroll
  • Lia Silva, Grade 6, 3rd year at Carroll
  • Gab Epstein, Grade 7, 3rd year at Carroll
  • Queton Francis, Grade 8, 4th year at Carroll
  • Alex Shapiro, Upper 8, 1st year at Carroll
  • Ellery, Upper 8, 1st year at Carroll
  • Iris Bishins, Upper 9, 6th year at Carroll

The Alumni Journey

Alumni Contributors
  • Nicolas Antonellis '13: 6 years at Carroll (Gr 3-8), Sophomore at Bates College, Neuroscience & Psychology major
  • John DeFina '87: 2 years at Carroll (Gr. 7-8), Middle School Math & Special Education Teacher, Boston Public Schools

The Parent Journey

Parent Contributors
  • Debi Laster: Parent of Ben Laster ‘18 and Abby Laster (Grade 7), 6th year at Carroll
  • Jeremy Nesoff: Parent of Leo Nesoff (Grade 7), 1st year at Carroll
  • Susan Wagner: Parent of a Daughter (Grade 3) and Son (Grade 5), 2nd year at Carroll

The Teacher/ Tutor Journey

Faculty Contributors
  • Kwame Cobblah: Middle School Dean of Students, 7th Grade Team Lead and History Teacher, 1st year at Carroll
  • Lizzie Pond: 4th Grade Language & Home Room Teacher, 5th year at Carroll
  • Mary Lussier: Lower School Tutor, 13th year at Carroll

The Targeted Cognitive Intervention Journey

Through its Targeted Cognitive Intervention (TCI) program, Carroll is building students’ cognitive capacities and harnessing data to dramatically improve student outcomes. TCI is a valuable ingredient in a comprehensive program dedicated to closing academic gaps in children with language-based learning difficulties. Here are some of the important mile markers along this journey of innovation and outcomes.

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Journey

At Carroll School, we value, appreciate, and celebrate difference and strive to create a community that is safe and reflective of the rich and robust diversity of our 21st century world. In 2016, we committed to this by taking strategic action towards a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiative. Here are some early mile markers of our DEI journey.

Videos from the Carroll Connection Interview Series

Middle School Student Journey Video

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