October 2020

Carroll Connected is an email to alumni, their families, and Carroll friends that includes interesting, newsy, exciting, creative, and fun things happening at Carroll School. We hope you enjoy and we welcome ideas and/or updates about what you and your family have been up to!

In This Issue
  • Carroll's Back to School Plan ... by the numbers

  • An interview with Shea Schatell about this year's Multis program

  • A chat with current parents, alumni, and parents of alumni who now work at Carroll

Carroll's Back to School Plan 2020 ... by the numbers

Carroll is committed always to providing an individualized, guided, and robust education that meets the unique needs of each student. That mission does not change. How we deliver on that is ever evolving. Certainly, the pandemic this year creates challenges to how we would ideally approach this task. In July, we issued a new education plan that would seamlessly deliver learning whether remote, in-person, or somewhere in between.

View this infographic to get a glimpse into how we are delivering a Carroll education this year.

Thinking Differently about Carroll's Multis Program: a conversation with Shea Schatell

Recently, we chatted with Shea Schatell (Carroll’s Multis Department Head) about this year’s Multis program (art, music, Bounders, PE, and more), how the program has adapted to hybrid schooling, and how our master teachers continue to think differently about how they GEC (give each child what they most need).

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Arts, Music, Theater, PE, and Bounders program at Carroll School

Coming Home: Chatting with alumni, alumni parents & current parents who work at Carroll

We have seen a fantastic trend in recent years of alumni and parents 'coming home' to deliver the full Carroll experience to our students. In fact, there are currently a record 25 parents and alumni/alumni parents working at Carroll. We chatted with a few to learn more about why they have chosen to work at Carroll and what they are looking forward to this year.


Alumni and Alumni Parents who work at Carroll School