February 2022

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In This Issue
  • Ben Shepard '02 and Targeted Cognitive Intervention at Carroll

  • The Angela Wilkins Program for Graduate Studies in Education: A Valuable Asset to Carroll School

  • Secondary School Advising: Preparing Students for School after Carroll

  • Alumni Connections: Greg O'Brien '99 and Roy Dow '99; Meredith Kauffman '08 and Trevor Yandow '13

Ben Shepard '02 and Targeted Cognitive Intervention at Carroll

I was drawn back to Carroll because of its dedication to understanding its students better and Carroll's approach to figuring out the best ways to support students by remediating obstacles in their learning profile.

Like many Carroll alumni, Ben Shepard '02 was drawn back to the school by its mission to understand holistically each student that walks through its doors and its drive to provide an education that considers the whole child - academics, social, emotional, cognitive, strengths, weaknesses, etc.

We recently sat down with Ben to learn more about his work with the Targeted Cognitive Intervention (TCI) program and why it matters to him personally and to the student body at large.

We invite you to watch the two highlight videos on this page, and/or read more about Ben's journey to Carroll here:

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Ben shares how the TCI work he does at Carroll impacts the school.

Ben shares how TCI builds self awareness in students.

Zoe Norcross '04 shares how her experiences in the master's program shaped her current position as a Carroll School teacher and tutor.

Graduate intern Julia Schleppi shares how the immersive program is preparing her to become a teacher for children with learning disabilities.

The Angela Wilkins Program of Graduate Studies in Education: A Valuable Asset to Carroll School

The Angela Wilkins Program of Graduate Studies in Education is a unique master's program that brings educators and aspiring educators to Carroll to take graduate-level courses and immerse themselves in the classroom, where they can apply what they learn in their courses in a hands-on and meaningful way. Alumni of the program most often talk about how impactful it is to be able to practice the skills they learn alongside a mentor teacher at Carroll School.

The program is a valuable asset to Carroll in a number of ways. Most notably are the strong connections the graduate interns make with the students, allowing Carroll to have an extra teacher/tutor in specific classrooms providing learning experiences to students that they come to know deeply. In addition, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to hire graduates after the program ends, teachers trained by Carroll teachers in the Carroll way.

Recently, we sat down with Zoe Norcross '04 - a current Carroll teacher & tutor and Carroll School alumna - to hear about her experiences in the program. Watch the video on this page, or:

Read Zoe's Interview Here

We also chatted with Julia Schleppi - a graduate intern currently in the program - to hear how it's going so far. Watch the video on this page, or:

Read Julia's Interview Here

Please visit our information page if you're interested in learning more or applying for the Angela Wilkins Program for Graduate Studies in Education.

Secondary School Advising: Preparing Students for School after Carroll

On graduation day at Carroll, it is exhilarating to hear where each student will be attending school the following year. Each graduate glows with pride as they confidently embrace the next step in their journey. But as students and parents will tell you, a lot of work goes into creating that moment. Families express that it was made possible, in large part, by the efforts of Carroll’s Secondary School Advising team.

Charlene Kmetz, Director of Secondary School Advising, shares how she and her colleague, Cece McNally, SSA Associate, work closely with graduating students and their families to find the next best school after Carroll.

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Jennifer and Jason Morgan P'21 share how the Secondary School Advising team helped them to choose the best school for their daughter after her graduation from Carroll School.

Roy & Jackie Dow with Greg O'Brien
Summer@Carroll Staff 2016 with Meredith Kauffman & Trevor Yandow

Alumni Connections

In honor of Valentine's Day we thought it fitting to celebrate the unique relationships that are created or made because of Carroll. Over the years we’ve heard so many stories from parents, grandparents, students and alumni about enduring bonds of friendship and meaningful connections to the Carroll community. Following are our first installments of Carroll Connection stories:

Greg O'Brien '99 and Roy Dow '99: Lifelong Friends

Meredith Kauffman '08 and Trevor Yandow '13: A Friendship Forged at Summer@Carroll

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We want to hear about your Carroll Connections. Are you still in touch with your Carroll friends? Do you have an interesting story that connects you to Carroll? Have you crossed paths with other Carroll folks in your life (work, community, school, etc) Quirky, heartfelt, awe-inspiring, interesting, or nostalgic - we can't wait to hear from you! Please email your stories to Mary McNulty at mmcnulty@carrollschool.org.