Dyslexia News: Must Reads for This Week (Feb 21, 2018)

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Amy Dempster

We love to gather information at Carroll School. That includes finding the latest news, interesting stories, and research about dyslexia. We also love sharing. If you're a data geek like us or just love a good story, here are some interesting dyslexia news and stories from around the web.

Meeting Teachers’ Needs to Help Dyslexic Students Succeed

Lead professional development and dyslexia specialist, Shantell Thaxton Berrett, explains why teachers need targeted professional development and resources to best serve students with language-based learning disabilities.


Dyslexia Is Very Treatable. So Why Aren’t We Helping More Kids?

“They know I struggle, but they don’t help me.” Matthew, a recently evaluated fifth-grader, explains his frustration with reading and school in this commentary by Cathy Mason & Phoebe Adams, educational consultants, on WBUR's Cognoscenti.


How to Counter Vision-Based Claims about Dyslexia “Cures”

Dyslexia experts and advocates are relentlessly dogged by claims that a miraculous discovery, invention, or product will “cure” dyslexia -- which the claimants often blame on some sort of vision-related cause. Get some myth-busting, fact-based info from the International Dyslexia Association.


Barbara Corcoran On Dyslexia, The Power Of Empathy And Oprah As President

“My burning desire to prove that I was not stupid, is the key to why I was so successful and continue to be,” says Barbara Corcoran, real estate and Shark Tank icon. In this Women@Forbes article, Corcoran says that her dyslexia gave her a nothing-to-lose mentality and enabled her to thrive as founder and leader of her company.


VIDEO: See Dyslexia Differently

This video from the British Dyslexia Association seeks to shed light on the real challenges dyslexic children face whilst also acknowledging their strengths and potential.

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