Dyslexia New: Must Reads for This Week (Jan 24, 2018)

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Amy Dempster

We love to gather information at Carroll School. That includes finding the latest news, interesting stories, and research about dyslexia. We also love sharing. If you're a data geek like us or just love a good story, here are some interesting dyslexia news and stories from around the web.

It's a Myth That Young Children Cannot Be Screened for Dyslexia

A diagnosis of developmental dyslexia in elementary school is primarily based upon a “wait-to-fail-approach.” Nadine Gaab, PhD, shares 3 myths about dyslexia screening and what early screening should look like.


‘Henry Danger’ Star Jace Norman Speaks Out on Bullying and Dyslexia

Seventeen-year-old Jace Norman is the star of “Henry Danger,” the top-rated kids’ show on TV, and a Kids’ Choice Award winner. On Megyn Kelly TODAY he opens up about his experiences with bullying and dyslexia in middle school.


When a Child Has Dyslexia and Dyscalculia, Treat the Math Issues Separately

Research has shown that kids who struggle with learning to read often also struggle with math and understanding numbers. It goes the other way, too. In fact, some researchers believe about two out of three children who struggle with learning math also struggle with literacy.


Success Story: Meryl Davis, Olympic Gold Medalist in Ice Dancing

By the time ice dancer Meryl Davis arrived at the 2014 Sochi Olympic games, only being the best in the world would do. Davis believes the extra challenge of her dyslexia actually gave her advantages. Her schoolwork took her at least twice as much time every day, but built immeasurably more character. “From an early age I realized that if I wanted to achieve things and I wanted to be successful, I had to put in the work. And I think that’s really translated onto the ice.”


How My Dyslexic Son Fell Out of Love with Books and How I Brought Him Back

"During the years of testing and uncertainty, the chasm between Ryan’s desires and a preference for reading had developed into a Grand Canyon-size abyss. He didn’t want to see, try to read, or be in the vicinity of books." Read one mom's story about her son's journey with dyslexia.


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