Dyslexia Awareness Month 2018

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Amy Dempster

Children with dyslexia look at the world differently ... we are so lucky they do. In celebration of Dyslexia Awareness Month during October 2018, we set out to show how our students look at the world differently. We chatted with students across our three school campuses and got the incredible opportunity to witness and experience their talents.


Dyslexia, Crafting & Making

Hear how Rina Canute, 9th grader, uses her passion for creating and making to solve real-world challenges.


Dyslexia and the Performing Arts

Sophia Lucontoni, 7th grader, talks about how dance inspires her - on the stage, in her friendships, and in school.


Dyslexia and Music

Willem Hurd and Bini Hill (7th graders) share how their enthusiasm for making music connects them in their art & friendship.


Dyslexia and the Visual Arts

Peek into the creative world of two of our Lower School students, Max and Miles. You'll frequently find these two in the Art Room with Mrs. Siftar and making things from just about any material they can get their hands on.


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Faculty Who Think Differently - Kelly Sampar
Amy Dempster

At Carroll, our faculty think differently ... so they can give each child what they most need, ensuring every child has a clear path to unlocking their potential. This year, we are chatting with various teachers to uncover how they approach teaching and are making a difference in the lives of Carroll students. Today, we chat with Kelly Sampar, 5th grade science teacher.

Michael Kmetz, Carroll's Athletic Director, at Fall Festival
Amy Dempster

Carroll School's athletics program is an integral part of the student experience at our Middle and Upper schools. Just walk around campus and you'll see evidence of Hawk pride - sports shirts being worn, equipment propped against lockers waiting to be used, fields being mowed for the day's game. None of this would be possible without the dedication of Carroll's Athletic Director - Mike Kmetz.