Carroll Cares - Tips for Managing Stress and Anxiety

Amy Dempster

As the weather continues to improve in New England, we once again embrace the fresh air outdoors which does wonders for our wellbeing and notice that a change of scenery can make all the difference. We are reminded that a self care mindset can go a long way in maintaining well being so we encourage you too to be kind to yourselves and find joy in the outdoors.

Carroll's Director of Counseling Shares Tips for Managing Stress and Anxiety

As we all adjust to the changing world around us, Allison Harmon (Director of Counseling at Carroll) reflects on the stress and anxiety responses during the pandemic and offers some additional suggestions for how to manage this -- both for our kids and ourselves.

Part 1

Part 2

Carroll School Nurses Shares Well-Being Resources

Here are additional well-being resources recently shared by our nursing staff with the Carroll community. Resource: Maintaining Emotional Health and Well-Being

American Psychological Association: Covid-19 Resources

Lynn Lyon's Podcast Series on Parenting, Anxiety and Covid-19

Grief Resources during Covid-19 from David Kessler

Mindfulness Breathing: Calm Bubble Breathing Practice Video

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Teacher Training: When pedagogy and educational technology meet, magic happens
Amy Dempster

When Carroll leadership transformed its teacher professional development strategy a few years ago, little did they know that a pandemic was going to disrupt the way teachers teach. When the school moved to a hybrid learning approach, academic leadership knew that in order to be successful it would need to transform teacher training again.

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