Arts & Innovation Center: A Photo Sneak Peek

Amy Dempster


Floors are being swept, windows are being shined, various machines and making tools are finding their homes, art posters are being hung ... the final touches are meticulously being made to welcome students to our new Arts & Innovation Center next week.

We are so excited to share it with them.

The transformation of the Gatehouse in Lincoln into a 21st century Arts & Innovation Center is the realization of many months (really years) of work. We have so many folks to thank ...

Our board and administrators who had a vision for how we could best enhance the unique way our students' think and learn.

Our education technology, arts, and project-based learning teams (Colin, Josh, Diane, Todd, Louisa) who carefully planned how students would use this space.

Our architects, interior designers, and construction crew led by Danielle Pedreira (Director of Facilities & Capital Projects) for bringing it to life.

Perhaps most importantly, all those who gave to the Annual Fund and If Not for Carroll campaign which financed the project.


Sneak Peek Photo Slideshow

See inside our Art Studio, Fab Labs, Maker Labs, Digital Studios and shared spaces.

Read our original post about the Gatehouse Transformation project.

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