Scribble Bots: STEM Project in Lower School Science Class

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Kelly Sampar, Lower School Science Teacher

In science, Carroll School students are encouraged to be curious, to make and test hypotheses, and to think creatively. Children engage in and make observations through hands-on, multi-sensory, and exploratory science activities. Learn more about our Lower School curriculum.

In 5th grade science class this week, the kids are wrapping up their electricity unit and were challenged with the task of design creations that scribbled.

All students used simple circuits to power the system. They had to put on their engineering and artist caps to think about what reusable materials they needed to assemble to make their ideas come to life. If they imagined a scribble bot that was circular, then they chose something like a yogurt container. If they wanted something super lightweight, they chose soda cans.

Once the bases were created, students had to engage in personal and collaborative problem-solving to figure out where to put the circuits, identify variables that affected the designs the scribble bots drew, and reflect on what they learned when something didn't work like they had imagined it would.

I love this project because every single year, students develop a new, super helpful strategy for assembling their system as well and create a system that moves in a totally new way. It's so much fun!

Since we also focus on stewardship in 5th grade, the other piece of this project introduced human impact on habitats. It is important that kids rethink our mindset around consumerison and how need to reduce the production of new materials before reusing (which is what we're doing in this project) and recycling materials.

























  • Project-Based Learning
  • Science
  • STEM

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