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Inventive Story Building with 3rd, 4th & 5th Graders

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  • Project-Based Learning
Laurie Lingham, Library Media Specialist

The following story creations were the results of library workshops held for Multis Fun Day on March 15, 2019. In Library, Art, Makers, Bounders/Phys Ed, and Music our students delved into the creative process with joy and enthusiasm.

In each of the four library workshops, students were guided through the story construction process and came up with characters, plot lines, and happy endings that fit with our theme of the day, “Build a Better World.” We had a lot of fun and creativity was in full display. Please enjoy these original and imaginative stories.

Grade 5: Turkey Crocodile Soup

by: Kenzi, Tommy, Ayelet, Callie, Chris C, Abby, Katherine, Brett, Colin, Annie

Character #1: A plump Irish turkey named Fred.
Traits: vegetarian, likes to shop for food and loves to eat, favorite saying is “bacock”, clumsy, and nerdy (eg., likes to read food labels). He loves his Apple watch and wears a bowtie and a tophat. 

Character #2: Crocodile named Misty.
Traits: A vegetarian who does not take advice very well, is blindly in love with Fred, really protective of her friends, really curious. Misty is a recent convert to vegetarianism because of her love for Fred. 

Setting: On a boat in the ocean, equipped for tubing.

Time: A June day in the present.

Problem: Fred is afraid of getting eaten by the farmer.

Events/ Rising Action: Tubing in the ocean, Fred and Misty get positioned in the water, holding onto the rope. The driver (it’s the farmer!) accelerates from 0 to 60 mph. Fred is screaming like a chicken. They fall off. 

Resolution: Misty saves the day by putting Fred on her back. They swim back onto the boat, scaring the farmer away forever. Misty and Fred live happily ever after. 


Grade 5: Jack and Rose and the Cursed Stone

by: Rebecca, Jack S, Maddie, Griffin, Blake

Character #1: Rose, who lives with brother, Jack, her only friend.
Traits: Likes the outdoors, loves animals, is nervous, shy and scared of people.

Character #2: Jack, an animal lover whose sister, Rose, is his only friend.
Traits: Clumsy, adventurous and brave.  

Setting: On a big farm that grows vegetables and has animals like pigs, cows, sheep, horses, dogs and cats. Whole Foods gets their food there. And it has a zipline.  

Time: A summer day in the present.

Problem: Jack and Rose came to the farm to find a crystal stone and got cursed. Now there’s a curse on them and the farm -- they are lost and the crops are mysteriously dying. The crystal that will save them is buried in a big huge compost pile, but they don’t know where it is when the story starts.  

Events/ Rising Action: Someone is feeding the pigs in the outdoor pens. A lot of Whole Food trucks are entering the farm and are scaring the animals. There are horses running, and lots of noise and chaos. 

Resolution: Jack and Rose hop on the zipline and fall into the compost pile by accident, and BOOM -- there’s the crystal stone. They smash the stone with a hammer. The horses calm down and the crops begin to grow again. Jack is no longer clumsy and Rose, no longer afraid of people, makes new friends. People once again get delicious, healthy food from Whole Foods. Jack and Rose ride off into the sunset on their calm horses (or did they…?).


Grade 4: The Final Adventure

by: Catherine, Emma, Frida, Bridget, Nadia, Sadie, and Ella

Character #1: George - a boy who likes soccer and likes to watch baseball. He wears his soccer club sweatshirt. 
Traits: George is an outgoing and happy person, allergic to cats and dogs, pretty smart, friendly, sometimes greedy. 

Character #2: Madison - a girl whose favorite friend is George.
Traits: Madison is lazy, funny, picky, and clumsy. She is sometimes shy, gets mad easily, likes animals, likes to go swimming and likes to cook.   

Setting: A morning in the late fall of 1995, in a village in Ireland. It has been raining a lot, so all the fields surrounding the village are really muddy. It is the harvest season. 

Events: The farmers market is underway, where the harvest is being sold. George and Madison meet up there to say goodbye, maybe forever.

Problem: George is moving to a different continent and Madison is feeling anxious about it. What will become of the friendship?

Resolution: They have one last adventure together, heading to their secret hangout  then exploring an abandoned castle. There they discover some craft materials and make beautiful friendship bracelets to remember each other. It has been a wonderful last adventure.

Grade 3: Violet and Tarantula

by: Lizzy C, Elena, Martino, Juliet, Theo, Olive, Lily, Maddy, Elizabeth W, Jake, John

Character #1: Violet, 8 years old.
Traits: Violet is nice but doesn’t like being rich. She has to wear fancy clothes and doesn’t have any friends, except for her cat. She has super powers (can talk to animals, turn invisible).

Character #2: A talking cat named Tarantula. 
Traits: Fat and fiesty. Lives with Violet, who is the only one who can understand her. 

Setting: A magical closet that leads to a magical beach in Los Angeles. It is a Monday during the summer of 1968 and is 85 degrees. There is a snowcone booth and a giant movie screen. Next to the beach is a giant baseball stadium. 

Events: People are sunbathing, hanging out. There are flying unicorns, horseback riding, and juggling puppies; in fact, puppies are everywhere. 

Problem: Violet and Tarantula have been stuck in the magic closet for 8 years. Violet has been there so long she’s actually bored and wants to go back to the real world.

Resolution: A sand storm causes a trail of tarantulas (the spiders). This trail leads to a key. The key opens the magic closet portal to the real world. Violet and Tarantula gleefully scurry through the portal. They realize that a puppy who has befriended Tarantula has followed them. Violet is reunited with her parents.


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