Escape the Room: Classroom Edition

  • Targeted Cognitive Intervention
TCI Team

You’re trapped in a room and the only way to escape is to work as a team and use
your knowledge of neuroscience to open a locked box!

This may sound like a challenge from one of the increasingly popular escape-the-room games that are popping up around the US. But, it's just a typical day at Carroll School.

As a way to review and apply neuroscience concepts that they are learning during TCI (Targeted Cognitive Intervention), 6th graders engaged in this fun, hands-on challenge.

The learning goals for the challenge were:

  • Review the concept of neuroplasticity, the brain’s remarkable ability to change and reorganize in response to its environment.
  • Review each lobe of the brain and its specific functions.
  • Learn about a specific pathway of the learning network (Reaction Time, Working Memory, or Executive Function) by linking together in sequence each of the specific brain regions that communicate in order to form that pathway.
  • Get ready and excited for the upcoming semester of TCI!

Escape the Room Project for StudentsWorking in teams collaboratively, the students had to complete six challenges in order to unlock the box:

  1. Codebreaker - Students worked to break a code to reveal the hidden word "NEUROPLASTICITY".
  2. Brain Puzzle - Students assembled a scrambled brain diagram to reveal the next clue hidden on the back.
  3. Scavenger Hunt - Students used a riddle to search for a list of brain regions and their corresponding functions.
  4. Brain Map - Using the descriptions in step 3, each student found and labeled a lobe of the brain on their team's diagram.
  5. Discover Your Cognitive Pathway & Hidden Combination - Using a set of clues about the brain, students sorted out the sequence of brain regions that creates their pathway in the learning network. Their set of regions corresponded to a set of numbers on their diagram - which was their team’s secret combination!
  6. Unlock the Lock - Students used the combination to unlock their team’s specific lock on the lockbox.

We're happy to report that every team "escaped the room" and, most importantly, had fun learning about neuroplasticity and the brain. What was in the box? It's a secret for only those that completed the challenge ... but it was delicious!


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