Maureen McGuire Myers Fellows for 2022

Maureen McGuire Myers Fellows for 2022
Margaret Sheehan, Associate Director, Stewardship and Operations


We are pleased to announce the Maureen McGuire Myers Fellows for 2022.

Teresa Lacks, Upper School Counselor

Bring restorative relational practices to our Upper School students

Teresa will receive training at Suffolk University’s Center for Restorative Justice. Teresa is eager to support Carroll students with “a more well-rounded research-backed toolkit in restorative relational practices, so they might feel confident enough in who they are to be vulnerable in front of others, creating a healthier and more accepting community overall.”

Dave Johnson, Bounders Instructor

Broaden the nature-connection curriculum for our Bounders program

Dave will be mentored by Dan Gardoqui, founder & principal of Lead with Nature and expert in wildlife tracking, bird language, and nature connection. Dave is eager to deepen his own knowledge of nature connection, further his skills, and bring all that to Carroll students. Dave sees nature connection as a way to “allow students to unplug from technology and their busy lives, and feel connected to something powerful and meaningful that is real. Nature connection doesn’t involve reading or writing or homework - the bottomline is being present, in the moment, and learning to tune into the natural world around us.”


Meghan Shea, Lower School Counselor

Teach mindfulness skills to our Lower School students

Meghan will attend a comprehensive trauma-informed program in yoga and mindfulness practices for children and youth at Little Flower. Meghan is eager to learn new strategies and build her own skills to help Carroll students “be available for learning, become more confident, and gain the tools to learn to advocate for themselves.”


About the Maureen McGuire Myers Endowment Fund for Professional Development

The Maureen McGuire Myers Endowment Fund for Faculty Professional Development supports professional development activities of Carroll School faculty. The fund was created by Stew Myers – parent of Alex Myers ’91 – in recognition of the transformative impact of Carroll School educators. Stew named the fund and the fellows after his late wife, Maureen McGuire Myers. An active volunteer at Carroll, Maureen served as President of the PA while Alex was a student and then as a Trustee for 15 years.


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