Larry Brown Receives Prestigious Alice H. Garside Award

Amy Dempster

On February 29, 2020, Larry Brown was honored by the International Dyslexia Association Massachusetts Branch and presented with the prestigious Alice H. Garside Award for his steadfast efforts to support the social and emotional resilience of students with dyslexia. The award was established in 1985 by Dr. Edwin Cole to honor individuals who make outstanding contributions in dyslexia.

The award luncheon was attended by many past and present Carroll School faculty and administration. MA IDA board member and former Carroll teacher, Dinan Messiqua shared these words prior to presenting Mr. Brown with his award:

Larry Brown has been the Middle School Division Head at the Carroll School in Lincoln, Massachusetts for the past 16 years. From his early years as an undergraduate student Larry worked in schools that served students with special needs including Crotched Mountain School and Krebs School. Since his arrival at the Carroll School in 1977 he has taken on many different roles, and has been a tireless advocate for children with language-based learning differences and their families. During his early years at Carroll, Larry served as a physical education teacher, an arts team coordinator, and Athletic Director. As a steward of Carroll’s growth he was a founder of the Carroll High School in 1979 and served as principal for 13 years. Subsequently, he taught math in the Middle School and continued in this teaching role when he became Head of the Middle School in 2004. His diverse experience at Carroll allows him to fully understand the many facets of students and their educational environment. Larry sees the whole child, their challenges and their assets, and has a gift for bringing out the best in children with his strengths-based approach. Moreover, with unparalleled compassion and empathy, he is a true champion of children with language-based learning differences and their families. We are incredibly pleased to present Larry Brown the Alice H. Garside Award.


Larry Brown is retiring this year. We are collecting dedications to share with him. We invite you to share your Larry Brown dedication here.


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