Head of School Announcement, Dr. Renée Greenfield

Amy Dempster

Dear Carroll Community,

On behalf of the Carroll Board of Trustees, we are thrilled to announce the appointment of Dr. Renée Greenfield as Carroll’s next Head of School. She will succeed Steve Wilkins and his 16 years of extraordinary leadership in July 2021.

Following a nationwide search, Renée was chosen from an outstanding slate of highly qualified candidates. Thanks to the dedication of our Search Committee and the thoughtful feedback from our community - parents, faculty, staff, and alumni - we were able to identify the qualities most valued in our next Head of School. We have found in Renée the perfect blend of educational philosophies, professional experiences, and leadership skills to guide Carroll into the future.

Renée brings over 20 years of experience as a teacher, Orton-Gillingham Fellow, university professor, and leader in education. She returns to Carroll after teaching at the school from 2000-2004 and serving as a teacher coach from 2011-2012. Fueled by her early experiences at Carroll and a desire to support children who are underserved, Renée focused her advanced studies on language learning and dyslexia, earning a Master of Education in Moderate Disabilities (pre-K-9) from Lesley University and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Curriculum and Instruction, Language and Literacy from Boston College. Previously, Renée was a professor of special education at the University of Hartford. Currently, Renée is Assistant Principal of the Fort River Elementary School in Amherst, MA where she oversees special education.

Renée’s career has gained her the skills to successfully guide the mission and strategic vision set forth by Carroll’s Board and leadership team. With 20 years of instructional leadership experiences and a robust background in quantitative and qualitative research, Renée understands how students and teachers learn and is uniquely qualified to further build and improve upon Carroll's exceptional academic program. She looks forward to continuing Carroll’s commitment to giving each child what they most need, data-informed instruction, research in the LBLD field, and professional development for faculty and staff.

In a conversation with Renée, she said, “I am so excited to join a community that shares my foundational beliefs about how kids learn. When I work with teachers, I always encourage them to think about our role as educators in these ways: 1) know the whole child, not just their academic profile; 2) appreciate each child for who they are; and 3) have a plan to help each child succeed. Carroll has this same approach. Being able to continue to push that forward, it’s an awesome set-up for a school leader.”

Renée is passionate about Carroll’s diversity initiatives and eager to lead a community that values, appreciates, and celebrates difference. “Carroll’s commitment to social justice resonates strongly with my educational philosophy,” Renée explained. “I am excited to continue to advance Carroll’s efforts to expand access to its powerful education.”

Having worked alongside Renée, Steve Wilkins applauded her appointment. "Renée is a fantastic choice to be the next Head of Carroll School. What could be better than a bright, charismatic, skilled educator who began her career learning how to teach right here at Carroll School? I think the combination of her Carroll roots and her deep experience in higher education and in public schools makes her the ideal next leader of this amazing school."

“Being the next Head of Carroll School is a dream job. Not only do I get to go back to a place that feels like home, but I also join a group of talented faculty and staff that will use our collective experiences to continue the remarkable work that Steve has implemented to move Carroll forward.”

Renée will rejoin the Carroll community in July 2021 along with her husband, Chris, her 14-year-old daughter, Lavery, her 10-year-old son, Nolan, and their dog Otis, a loyal companion on any trail.

Please join us in welcoming Renée, Chris, and their children into the Carroll community.

Warm Regards,
Richard Waters, Search Committee Co-Chair
Devin O'Reilly, Search Committee Co-Chair

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