Division Head Transitions

Steve Wilkins, Head of School

Carroll School will be experiencing two significant leadership transitions at the end of this school year. In both cases, we are in the mode of gratitude and celebration, if not a little sad about losing such dedicated talent.

Larry Brown, Carroll School

Larry Brown will be retiring as Middle School Division Head in June 2020 after 43 years at Carroll. This is not shocking news to many of you because we announced this two years ago. The Middle School has been fortunate to have Larry stay a year beyond his original retirement date. I wrote this line in my previous letter about his retirement, and I will use it again because it is so true: No one in the history of Carroll School has had a greater impact on the lives of children and their families than Larry Brown. We are grateful for his dedication, wisdom, love, and insights.

Kurt Moellering Teaching Class at Carroll School

Kurt Moellering, founding Upper School Division Head, is also leaving Carroll in June 2020. We are proud of Kurt upon his appointment as the new Head of School at Learning Prep School in West Newton, MA. It is a true honor to Kurt and his training at Carroll that he was selected to lead an important school in the special education landscape of Greater Boston. Kurt’s vision, care, sense of humor, and kindness have served the Upper School wonderfully since its beginning in 2010.

Carroll is strong because we operate as a collaborative team with many expert educators and emerging leaders. This makes filling these voids less daunting. We have hired a search firm called Educational Directions to lead a broad and comprehensive search process. A search committee has been formed and has already met. The team is Assistant Head Judi Seldin, Lower School Division Head Sue Kingman, Director of Diversity Equity and Inclusion Osa Osagie, Middle School Teacher Becka Hitchcock, and Upper School Teacher Brad Wayne. The goal of the search committee is to recommend candidates, both internal and external, to me for these positions before the end of the calendar year. 

Though certain aspects of a search must be confidential, members of the search committee will happily talk with you about the search process, accept your thoughts on candidates, and keep various constituent groups informed about our process. Please join me in congratulating and thanking Larry and Kurt for their dedication to Carroll’s students and families.

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