Carroll School Announces Wayland Property Acquisition

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We are thrilled to inform members of our community that Carroll School has very recently acquired a property on the Wayland/Lincoln line that will provide significant program and facilities enhancements for our current and future students. In making this strategic move, Carroll is able to achieve crucial programmatic and institutional goals that will benefit the long term strength of our institution and will create new opportunities for innovation and collaboration.

As the primary stewards of Carroll’s short and long term health, Carroll’s Board of Trustees gathered for a weekend long retreat this fall, and as a result committed to (a) enhance faculty compensation, (b) provide additional financial assistance to make Carroll accessible to more families, and (c) address physical and program space constraints on the Lincoln campus. Additionally, at the end of the retreat, a small group was appointed to recommend a solution for Carroll’s lack of regulation­sized athletic fields for our burgeoning interscholastic athletics program.

This group examined the viability of several options for athletic fields. First, the group determined that putting regulation sized fields on the Lincoln campus was cost­prohibitive due to topography and space limitations. Next, the group determined that putting a field on the other side of Baker Bridge Road, on land Carroll already owns, could be a significant safety risk due to the traffic on that narrow, curvy road. With this in mind, the group investigated flat­land options nearby the Lincoln Campus. This pursuit led Carroll to the parcel on Waltham Road that not only provides ample space for athletic fields but also offers a building with 25,000 square feet of space usable for educational purposes.

Therefore, the Carroll School has entered into an agreement to purchase the property at 39/45 Waltham Road in Wayland, just three miles from the Lincoln campus. Since we learned of the availability of this property only recently, we have not yet developed a comprehensive plan for how Carroll School will best utilize the building. A joint trustee and administration group is meeting weekly to analyze our options. Our initial notion, still under consideration, is to move the C8/9 program to Wayland. No matter which students we ultimately decide to locate in Wayland, no students would move until the fall of 2017 at the earliest. We do hope, though, to begin work on athletic fields as soon as financially possible with a target for use in the spring of 2017.

We look forward to keeping everyone in the community informed as plans become more settled. Any questions can be directed to Steve Wilkins at 

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