Alumni Connections: Meredith Kauffman '08 and Trevor Yandow '13

Alumni Connections: Meredith Kauffman '08 and Trevor Yandow '13
Mary McNulty

In honor of Valentine's Day we thought it fitting to celebrate the unique relationships that are created or made because of Carroll. Over the years we’ve heard so many stories from parents, grandparents, students and alumni about enduring bonds of friendship and meaningful connections to the Carroll community. Following is our second installment of Carroll Connection stories.

Meredith Kauffman ’08 and Trevor Yandow ’13: A Friendship Forged at Summer@Carroll

Meredith and Trevor became friends in the summer of 2015. Meredith had been working at Summer@Carroll for four years when Trevor joined as a counselor-in-training. They returned in the summer of 2016, a year they both remember fondly as one with a very close group of employees and friends. It is here that their friendship took root, but it is not where they first met.

In 2012 during her first year of college, Meredith interned for Coach Kmetz in the Athletics Department. She worked closely with students from the 8th grade graduating class, including Trevor. Meredith remembers many conversations with Trevor about what his life would be like post Carroll (high school, college, etc) and Meredith talked about her post-Carroll experiences.

Though their time as students at Carroll didn’t overlap, their friendship grew while working together. Trevor, Meredith, as well as others from the summer staff of 2016 have always stayed in touch. Meredith remarks (and Trevor agrees) “We share a mutual respect for a place that led us to great successes. Sometimes we just check in on each other and other times it could be a random question/topic we are interested In sharing with each other!”

Trevor is a Technology Development Program Associate/Software Engineers at Optum. After three years at Carroll, he went on to graduate from St. Sebastian’s School and Villanova, where he studied computer science. Trevor has participated in many alumni panels, and worked at Summer@Carroll during his college summers. 

Meredith is a Project Manager, Consumer Data at C Space. After four years at Carroll, she went on to graduate from Brewster Academy and Endicott College with an undergraduate degree in sports management and a Masters in Business Administration. Meredith has participated in many alumni panels for Carroll. She worked at Summer@Carroll for five summers.

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