Training Teachers Is Key to Dyslexia Education

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Carroll Connection, Winter 2018

This article was originally featured in the Winter 2018 edition of Carroll Connection. In this edition we asked our students how we are doing on our mission to give each child what he or she most needs. Read what they had to say. (Article 5 of 8)

Teachers + Tutors

Carroll teachers and tutors are uniquely trained to meet the needs of our learner. More importantly, they share a mindset that all children have the ability to succeed and we train them to ensure each student is moving in a positive direction and receiving effective skills, strategies, and positive self-concept.

That’s a lofty goal to hold up. How are we doing? …

Greg Altman (4th grade): Teachers and tutors are trained to teach dyslexic students and they know what it feels like to be us. They match their teaching to what we need.


Jess Caron (Upper 9): Carroll School teachers are a lot different from other schools. You form a specific bond with your teacher, that sticks with you the whole time you are here. When I need help, I feel comfortable asking my teachers for help. At my old school, I didn’t know my teachers at all.

Keelin Ercolani (8th grade): The teachers really care about their students. They are not just there to teach but learn about the student as a person. There is growth between students and their teachers.


Matt Gaziano (Upper 8): Carroll teachers understand us because many of them have dyslexia or understand what it’s like to have a learning challenge.


Gaius McCubbin (5th grade): Teachers make learning fun and creative. I just finished a project in history that was a simulation of the Silk Road. My teacher made it realistic - we got to move around and interact with other students.


Luc Alonzo (5th grade): I like tutoring because, say you need to focus on this or that, tutors teach you in the way you need to learn it. They get to know you.


Eliot Woessner (Upper 9): It’s nice having a one on one tutor every day. Even in math (geometry) there is a lot of words. My tutor helps me understand the language of it.


Lilah Daniels (7th grade): At my old school, nobody pushed me. When I would say “I can’t do this” my teacher would just move on. At Carroll, teachers stay and really help you.


Henry Beling (8th grade): In a 30 student classroom, you’re not going to become friendly with the teacher. Here, they encourage that and the teachers get to know each and every kid - not just their learning style but also their personality.


Jessica Caruba (Upper 8): At public school, one of my teachers didn’t know my name for like 4 months. Here, I see teachers at lunch. They high-five us in the hallway. It’s like they really care about us.


Keelin Ercolani (8th grade): For me, a sign of a good teacher is when you really want to go to class. You’re sprinting up three flights of stairs and saying, “Yes, I want to be here!”



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