The Importance of an Inclusive and Diverse School Culture

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Carroll Connection, Winter 2018

This article was originally featured in the Winter 2018 edition of Carroll Connection. In this edition we asked our students how we are doing on our mission to give each child what he or she most needs. Read what they had to say. (Article 8 of 8)

Complete School

Over the decades, Carroll has evolved from a program that offered a superb remedial program but limitations in other offerings to a complete school with strengths in many additional curricular and extracurricular areas.

Have we made a difference? Read what our students say about school culture …

Chandler Gilbane (7th grade): Everyone is welcoming. When you’re new to Carroll, everyone comes up to you because they have experienced it and know how it feels coming to a new school.


Jess Caron (Upper 9): It’s amazing. You do everything here - you learn, you have breaks in the day, you have friends, and then you can do your homework in study hall.


Eliot Woessner (Upper 9): It’s not like constant school where you’re just sitting at a desk and moving from one class to another class. There are a lot of breaks in between and there are fun hands-on projects, like in science. In public school, it was more like “watch me do this” but here it’s like “go do it.”

Lilah Daniels (7th grade): I talk to my friends outside Carroll and they say, “middle school is the worst.” I love middle school. I wish I could never leave. All the teachers are so nice.


Oakley Robbins (7th grade): Everyone here is really nice. If you’re walking down the hall, everyone says “hi” or asks how you are doing.



Keelin Ercolani (8th grade): If you’re a future student here, you are going to love it. This place is mind blowing. You’re going to want to get up early every morning and say, “I’m going to school!”



Name one thing you love about Carroll …

Greg Altman (4th grade): Bounders! No other school has Bounders. It’s the best thing ever. You get to learn by doing activities outside.



Dureti O’Brien (5th grade): What I love about Carroll is you don’t feel like you’re behind. Carroll makes learning fun.



Lauryn Muller (4th grade): Your never feel like you are not in the same pack as others. I just love Carroll!



Eliot Woessner (Upper 8): There are a lot of sports and they are competitive.



Matt Gaziano (Upper 8): The one on one attention and help.


Sadie Dodd (Upper 8): The support from the teachers.


Stacy Santos (Upper 9): You can be yourself.


Chandler Gilbane (7th grade): My friends.




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