Staff Spotlight: Nicholas Kieler

Staff Spotlight: Nicholas Kieler
Community Spotlight

Nicholas Kieler
Senior Accountant
Carroll School's Business Office

How did you find your way to Carroll? 

I was working at a CPA firm but considering switching from public to private and looking to grow my accounting skills in other industries. I was researching organizations in the service industry when I was introduced to Carroll. A big part of the draw was its mission and the impact it has on the families who come here. Coming to Carroll, I felt like I’d be part of something good.

What does a senior accountant do?

I manage accounts receivables—tuition, donations, and other monies that come into Carroll. I do accounts payable—making sure the electricity stays running, the water is flowing, and school supplies and materials make it into the classrooms. I also audit our accounts to make sure money is allocated appropriately and that we’re in legal compliance with things like financial assistance.

What do you enjoy about working at Carroll?

The Carroll community is great. I work with a lot of people—teachers, facilities, tech, school leaders—and there is a genuine sense of caring and helpfulness across every department. My manager, Deb McCarthy, is a brilliant accountant and mentor who I learn so much from.

I appreciate that the school has a DEI focus. Different from my previous positions, I work with a diverse group of people and a lot of powerful women. And, I have the freedom to use my skills and adapt my work based on my lived experiences, which is a cornerstone of Carroll’s mission.

Aside from your day-to-day, how do you connect with the school program?

I started a Dungeon and Dragons lunch club at the Upper School as a way to engage with the students. D&D is great for lateral thinkers–those who solve problems through an indirect and creative approach. It’s a perfect fit for Carroll students.

What does belonging mean to you?

For me, ⭐️belonging is being able to bring my skills, my perspective, and my lived experiences to the work I do at Carroll. I have skills that are unique to me, as do others who come here. Carroll respects that, it frees people up to focus on what they do best.

This article is part of a series from Carroll Connection 23-24: The Belonging Issue

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