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Welcome to the Dyslexia News & Blog by Carroll School. Here you will find the latest news and resources from Carroll and beyond about education, dyslexia, and data-informed instruction for educating the whole child.

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How to Use Student Data at School
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Unlocking the Potential of the Data You Have

In 2010, we came to the realization that we were sitting on a treasure trove of student data. Since then, Carroll School has made the institutional commitment to train our teachers and staff to harness the data before deciding how and what to teach each student. It's how we fulfill our mission to give each child what he or she most needs. Read how we do that.

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Steve Wilkins, Head of School Blog

Tips for Helping Kids with Executive Functioning Challenges
Amy Dempster

We recently hosted an executive function panel for Carroll parents. We think a lot about executive function strategies and how to approach each student’s unique capacity in this area, whether it’s amplifying strengths or remediating weaknesses ... at school. What we realized at this workshop was how many parents are also craving strategies and tools they can use to support their children at home. In the first of an Executive Function blog series, we tackle some basic information and a few approaches parents can use at home.

Dyslexia Awareness Month 2018
Amy Dempster

Children with dyslexia look at the world differently ... we are so lucky they do. In celebration of Dyslexia Awareness Month during October 2018, we set out to show how our students look at the world differently. We chatted with students across our three school campuses and got the incredible opportunity to witness and experience their talents.

Using Technology in the Classroom: The Iditarod
Jamie Mathews, 4th Grade Teacher

Our fourth graders took the Iditarod sled race to a whole new, tech-driven level this year. In collaboration with our educational technology team, the 4th grade teaching team used Spheros and GameMaker to provide authentic, hands-on and engaging STEM experiences for students.

The Importance of an Inclusive and Diverse School Culture
Carroll Connection, Winter 2018

Over the decades, Carroll has evolved from a program that offered a superb remedial program but limitations in other offerings to a complete school with strengths in many additional curricular and extracurricular areas. Have we made a difference? Read what our students say about school culture.

Creating Better Learners by Boosting Cognitive Skills
Carroll Connection, Winter 2018

At Carroll, we believe our job is to create better learners. Part of the answer is Cognitive Intervention. Targeted Cognitive Intervention (TCI) gets to the underlying “causes” of a child’s specific learning challenge and helps to build better brain circuits that promote more effective and efficient learning. We asked students to describe TCI … 

Social-Emotional Wellbeing Goes Hand in Hand with Dyslexia Education
Carroll Connection, Winter 2018

We believe that academic growth and social-emotional learning go hand in hand. Carroll is an environment that makes learning differently a completely normal and daily occurrence. We work diligently to reverse the “I’m stupid” mindset that many students come to Carroll with. Hear what students think ...

Training Teachers Is Key to Dyslexia Education
Carroll Connection, Winter 2018

Carroll teachers and tutors are uniquely trained to meet the needs of our learner. More importantly, they share a mindset that all children have the ability to succeed and we train them to ensure each student is moving in a positive direction and receiving effective skills, strategies, and positive self-concept. That’s a lofty goal to hold up. How are we doing? …

The Importance of Supporting the Dyslexic Strengths of Students
Carroll Connection, Winter 2018

Children with dyslexia often have prolific talents. At Carroll, we think of these as superpowers and we aim to show children that dyslexia is a gift to share with the world. We asked students what is the dyslexic advantage and how Carroll supports it …

Why Small Classes & Tutorials Work Best for Students with Dyslexia
Carroll Connection, Winter 2018

Why does Carroll School work for our students whereas other schools have not? It’s because we’ve set-up our classrooms and tutoring to provide exactly what children with dyslexia needs - small group and individualized instruction. But does this structure work for students? Read what they have to say … 

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