Reaching More Families

An Admissions Perspective

Celebration of Philanthropy, September 2018

Carroll’s priority is to teach the “whole child.” Beyond students’ academic, artistic, athletic, and social-emotional needs, a well-rounded education also provides new perspectives and cultural experiences that contribute to a deeper understanding of the world. Our Financial Assistance program is designed to grow a community that has many voices, many perspectives, and, thus, provides a more rich and vibrant Carroll School.

My daughter went from crying every day to getting up early to go to Carroll School.

Cindy Morrison, Current Parent
Shares her story ...

As a lucky mother of 5 little girls adopted from China, my daughters are my greatest joy, bringing unfathomable happiness into my life. Two of my daughters have been diagnosed with dyslexia, something that I had initially found quite devastating. That is, until I discovered Carroll School.

I knew early that my oldest daughter was not at the same level as her peers in terms of academics. She was bright and really liked school so was easily able to make progress in the early grades. By 4th grade, however, my little girl was fading away. She was crying every day and seeing the school counselor. I was told in an IEP meeting, “Don’t think college for your daughter.”

My dream for my girls is to contribute to society along whatever path they choose. This felt like a door slamming shut. I started to look outside my public school and knew Carroll was the gold standard. There was no way that Carroll could be a possibility without financial assistance.

The Admissions team worked with me to make Carroll a reality. We enrolled and, within weeks, my daughter said to me, “It is so worth it to go to Carroll. It is so much better. I understand what they are teaching me. I don’t even hate math anymore.” At home, the stress level is much better. We don’t have homework struggles, she comes home confident and takes pride in her work.

Attending Carroll School would not be possible for my family if it were not for generous donors who enable Carroll to offer financial assistance packages. We are so grateful.

Financial Aid Growth at Carroll School 2013-2018