Why If Not for Carroll?

At Carroll, we understand what it means to think differently... and we embrace it.

Five years ago, we decided to think differently about something fundamental to Carroll’s mission: philanthropy.

What if we created a campaign to raise $32 million to both invest in today’s Carroll—and prepare for Carroll’s future?

What could be possible then?

You didn’t let us down, and we’re absolutely blown away: If Not for Carroll came in over goal in June 2020: $32,739,107.

The first time we heard the campaign’s name, we were struck by our own ending to the sentence, ‘If not for Carroll…’. This school has had a dramatic impact on our son and on so many lives. It has transformed the learning trajectory of thousands of students. We see the success of the campaign as a validation of Carroll’s mission, leadership, approach, and work as a global leader in education for learning differences.

Leslie and Devin O'Reilly P’20
Vice Chair, Board of Trustees