Campaign Priorities

If Not for Carroll Priorities

Our campaign priorities reflect our priorities as a school: investing in our students and families, supporting our incredibly dedicated educators, and ensuring the ongoing quality of our school experience through expanded and enhanced spaces and technology.

This groundbreaking campaign has focused on the very things that make Carroll, Carroll: the incredibly prepared faculty, the desire to reach every student who needs them, and the work they do to help our kids be confident, resilient, and successful. We believe that any goal or dream can be on the horizon for a Carroll student, and the campaign has helped keep that a reality.

Mark and Kim GwinnLandry P ’23

Carroll School Capital Campaign Priorities Graph

Financial Assistance

Carroll School Financial Aid Growth Chart

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We have increased financial aid resources from $900,000 to over $3 million, ensuring that students who need Carroll could have the opportunity to learn the way they learn best.


We have invested more deeply in our faculty—our tireless and extraordinarily qualified advocates for our students—by increasing our compensation to be more competitive, and continued to invest in professional development.

Our faculty don’t see professional development as an add-on—it’s essential to who they are as lifelong learners, and essential to our future as a school. With your investment in their professional development, they feel their value to the school being mirrored back into their lives.

Allison West
Middle School Division Head

I began my journey as Carroll’s first Director of Equity and Inclusion (DEI) eager to join the courageous effort of building a culturally responsive community. Together our leadership, board, faculty, staff, and students are engaging in intentional conversations and learning about difficult topics. A diverse perspective among our educators is essential to a student’s experience.

Our newly established Fellowship for Teachers of Color provides two recipients with a full scholarship for the collaborative residency-based Master’s degree program in Moderate Disabilities with Lesley University. Carroll is committed to DEI in every dimension—from teacher training to student growth—and seeing the impact of If Not for Carroll on enriching our mission is inspiring.

Osa Osagie
Director of Equity and Inclusion


We have expanded and re-envisioned our facilities, including a new home for our Upper School students to thrive together through our Wayland campus, greater access to hands-on arts and technology exploration through the Arts & Innovation Center, and new athletics options through our expansive Wayland campus sports fields.

Carroll was the first place my son fit in as a learner, and where he found teachers and mentors who brought out his best. I became involved in the search for land as a means for Carroll to improve and grow. One of the reasons I campaigned for the land acquisition in Wayland was because of my son: he’s a gifted athlete, and I knew what the athletic fields would have meant to him as a student. Carroll today is a thousand percent better than it used to be; it’s evolved from the ‘Little Engine That Could’ to an absolute force.

Laura Rehnert P ’08

Learning is intense here—athletics give students a much needed chance to blow off steam, have fun, and develop confidence. Whether they’ve been involved in sports their whole lives, or they’re getting a first chance to be part of a team, Carroll students now have opportunities to play at every level. It’s amazing how our program has grown; with our beautiful new fields, we now have multiple soccer and lacrosse teams. This has allowed us to expand all our athletic offerings, like Ultimate Frisbee, golf, and flag football.

Mike “Coach” Kmetz
Director of Athletics

Thank you, Carroll, and my teachers for wanting to help me even when I tried to push you away. You kept coming back, knowing I needed the help, even though I didn’t want to accept it. With Carroll teachers helping me, I’ve changed completely.

Melina Poulack
Carroll Student