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We welcome you to our Virtual Admissions page. Though nothing can truly replace meeting you and your child in person and strolling around our school, we hope this page will give you a feel for the vibrancy of the Carroll community. We also invite you to join us for a Virtual Information Session (dates below).

Below, you will learn about what school looks like this year; understand who a Carroll student is and how we give each child what they most need; take a look inside our schools, from the perspectives of a few of our current students; hear how our teachers approach learning differently; and much more.

Note about Academic Year 2021-2022

We are optimistic that Carroll School will be fully on-campus for the Academic Year 2021-2022. Our leadership team is committed to delivering the highest quality academic program while upholding its commitment to health and safety. We continue to refine our on-campus and hybrid approaches for a seamless fully synchronous school experience. When applying, please know that every child will receive a robust, individualized Carroll education, whether the instruction is in person, remote, or a combination.

Virtual Information Session

We invite you to watch this previously recorded Information Session to learn more about Carroll School.

Info Session Recording


Please know we are here to help you with any aspect of the admissions process or to speak with you in advance of applying.

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To join a new school is one thing, to join during a global pandemic could be quite another. However, the experience has been amazing! Every day our child is engaged, focused and motivated. Thank you for everything you bring to the students each day.

-Kate and Christoph Schadinger, 6th Grade Parents

Academic Plan 2020-2021

Carroll is committed always to providing an individualized, guided, and robust education that meets the unique needs of each student. That mission does not change. How we deliver on that is ever evolving. Certainly, the pandemic this year creates challenges to how we would ideally approach this task. In July, we issued a new education plan that would seamlessly deliver learning whether remote, in-person, or somewhere in between.

View this infographic to get a glimpse into how we are delivering a Carroll education this year.

Student Learning Profile

Though we educate one type of learner, they are not all the same. We have 442 unique versions of this learner. Learn about the general learning profile of a Carroll School student.

HOW We Give Each Child

How do we go about giving each child what they most need? Rigorous and unbelievably thoughtful, careful analysis goes into grouping and creating a customized education plan for each student.

Take a Look Inside

Carroll Virtual Open Houses
Look Inside the Lower School
Look Inside the Middle School
Look Inside the Upper School
I’ve found it just to be a totally “arms around you” type of school. I’m sure everybody has many options, and I’m sure many options would be lovely, but I don’t think you meet anybody who would say it didn’t change their life to have their kiddo at Carroll.

Cara Shortsleeve, 2nd Grade Parent

The level and quality of the academics is really impressive. That is something that I’m very grateful to Carroll for. In addition to teaching our kids how to cope with dyslexia, teachers are doing it with this underlying assumption that kids are ready for rigorous learning.

Emma Stillman, 8th Grade Parent

Thanks to Carroll, my son is going to have a successful happy life. Everything you claim you do, you did for him. It’s been absolutely miraculous. I think that Carroll School is a special, special place.

Mary Kate McGowan, 9th Grade Parent

Meet Our Teachers

Carroll Teachers Think Differently about Education
Porsha Pierre-Mike

Porsha Pierre-Mike

4th Grade Teacher

What tools do you have at Carroll that deepen your work as a teacher?

Paul Loiselle

Paul Loiselle

Middle School Science Teacher

What is unique about how Carroll teaches students with dyslexia?

Brad Wayne

Brad Wayne

Upper School History Teacher & Cognitive Specialist

How does Carroll's focus on being on the "cutting edge of language literacy" influence you as a teacher?

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