Tuition & Financial Assistance

Our highest goal is giving each child what they most need while at the same time making a Carroll education broadly accessible.

To fulfill its mission, Carroll seeks a culturally, ethnically, and economically diverse population. Carroll is committed to building a robust Financial Assistance program to support a vibrant community with many voices and perspectives. This year we will award more than $4.15 million in need-based financial assistance to 24% of our student body. 

We work closely with families to make Carroll School affordable. Should you want to learn more, please reach out. We are here to help.

Tuition for the 2024-25 school year is $63,550.

My daughter went from crying every day to getting up early to go to Carroll. There was no way that Carroll could be a possibility without financial assistance. The Admissions team worked with me to make Carroll a reality.

-Cindy Morrison, Parent of a 2nd & 6th Grader
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How to Apply for Financial Assistance


Carroll School’s Financial Assistance program is designed to make a Carroll School education accessible for all families with demonstrated financial need. We encourage all families to apply.

New this year: Carroll has moved our Financial Assistance portal to Clarity to ease the application process for families. Please note: Carroll will no longer be using SSS for applications.


Tuition Insurance

While not required, we strongly encourage you to consider purchasing tuition insurance to protect your investment. The 2023-24 cost for our Tuition Insurance program is 1.26% of tuition, and is due on June 1st. Please see the Tuition Insurance brochure for more information about coverage.


Tax Information

The Internal Revenue Service, under Section 1.213-1 (e) (v) (a), has determined that expenses incurred as a result of educational therapeutic intervention in specialized schools for children with learning disabilities are medical expenses and can be deductible under the law.

Carroll is not qualified to give tax advice.  Families are encouraged to consult their tax advisor regarding the requirements of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Internal Revenue Service Publication 502 addresses medical expense deductions under Section 1.213-1 (e) which can be found at Families can also refer to this Q&A from for more information. 


Public Funding 

If you are pursuing public funding through your school district and have questions, please email We are here and happy to help.