Carroll School is unique. We educate talented, curious and motivated students with language-based learning difficulties who desperately want to succeed but who may not be in the right learning environment.

Though we educate one type of learner, they are not all the same. We have 455 unique versions of this learner. How do we go about understanding the differences? Rigorous and unbelievably thoughtful, careful analysis. This is how we can provide a customized education that meets each student's unique needs.

Student Profiles

Though each student's learning profile varies, there are often common markers seen at each entry point to Carroll.

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Lower School Student Profile at Carroll School
Lower School (Grades 1-5)

Many young children come to Carroll struggling with the basic skills of reading, such as difficulty making the connection between the letters on a page and the sounds they make in a word. Not all students have precisely this decoding problem, but most Carroll Lower School students find reading challenging.

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Middle School Student Profile at Carroll School
Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Some children enter Carroll's Middle School still working to master the fundamentals of reading, but many arrive with the basics in place. For most, the reading task is quite laborious and inefficient. Other aspects of written language may also be challenging such as reading fluency, comprehension, spelling, written expression, and/or learning efficiency.

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Carroll's Upper School Student Profile
Upper School (Grades 8-9)

Most students join the Upper School as readers, but many are still inefficient learners and/or dysfluent readers. Others may arrive having mastered much of the reading task but find organizational/time demands, written expression, and academic efficiency to be significant roadblocks to their school success.

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Watch this video to learn about the Upper School from the perspective of 5 unique students

Does this sound like your child?

Many Carroll students have spent years engaged in high effort failure and need strategies and supportive, caring educators to realize their full learning potential.

If so, we invite you to learn more about our program and come see for yourself how we empower students and change lives.

What Our Alum & Parents Say
Carroll School Reviews

Will French Carroll School Alumni
Will French, Alumnus
If not for Carroll, my daughter would still feel "stupid" and ashamed. Because of Carroll, she is now in Chile working with a leadership group, she loves literature, and she wants to be a lawyer.

Jane Connor, Parent

Gareth Benshoff Carroll School Alumni
Gareth Benshoff '08