Cognitive Development at Summer@Carroll

We’ve discovered that helping students with key cognitive skills directly impacts their ability to read, comprehend, write, and problem solve. Summer is a perfect time to exercise the brain and strengthen cognitive skills!

The Carroll Cognitive Development program strengthens the underlying learning skills of students to create better learners.


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Targeted Cognitive Intervention at Summer Camp

Targeted Cognitive Intervention for Grades 5-9

TCI offered to all summer students in Grades 5-9 (included in tuition).

Targeted Cognitive Intervention (TCI) strengthens the brain to help students become faster and more efficient learners. By improving the brain’s ability to function efficiently, TCI helps students develop a cognitive “toolbox” that will carry them through their academic careers.

Using our proprietary computer-based program, we first identify where learning weaknesses exist in the following cognitive domains: reaction time, working memory, executive functioning and processing speed. Based on the child's unique cognitive profile, he or she is assigned to a specific program made up of activities designed to target his/her weakest area.

TCI specialists monitor your child’s progress with each activity, analyzing data and providing coaching. At the end of TCI, we administer a post-test in order to determine which cognitive domains have improved from TCI, and how much they have changed. Results will be shared at the end of the program. 

See how tCI works in our animated video 

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