Summer Speaker Series 2019

Our Summer Speaker Series is designed for parents and family members who have students enrolled in Summer@Carroll. Starting after drop-off, each workshop includes refreshments, presentation, and Q&A. These presentations are focused on issues directly affecting the learning experiences of Summer@Carroll students. Pre-registration is encouraged.

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Lower School, 1841 Trapelo Road, Waltham (Great Hall)

*Refreshments, presentation, Q&A

The Social Emotional Side of Learning Differently

Students with learning differences often have distinctive strengths and challenges in the social and emotional domains of their lives. If a child is feeling unsuccessful in the classroom, this experience can negatively impact his or her self-esteem and self-concept as a learner. This presentation will frame some of the social-emotional difficulties children with learning differences face and highlight supportive interventions to increase self-esteem, restore a positive self-concept and enhance social communication skills.


  • Allison Harmon, Director of Counseling, Carroll School
  • Phil Newman, Summer@Carroll Camp Director, Carroll Upper School Counselor

Pre-registration encouraged

Lower School, 1841 Trapelo Road, Waltham (Great Hall)

*Refreshments, presentation, Q&A

Building Better Networks for Reading, 2019 Edition

An incredible flow of research on the human brain is helping us understand how best to help children with language learning difficulties. This presentation is designed to help make some of this research understandable for parents. The brain research can help parents make more informed decisions about the types of programs and instruction that are more likely to be effective with their children. Steve will incorporate recent data from studies at Children's Hospital, MIT and other local research institutions.

Speaker: Steve Wilkins, Head of School, Carroll School

Pre-registration encouraged

Past Workshops

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