Lower School (Grades 1-5)

Guiding students to become effective learners.

Carroll's Lower School provides a robust elementary curriculum with tailored academic support. The program is ideal for smart students who struggle with the basic skills of reading, such as difficulty making the connection between the letters on a page and the sounds they make in a word. Our educators recognize that every student has a unique learning profile, and design their curricula to nourish the skills needed to become an effective learner.

Carroll School Curriculum

The driving emphasis in the Carroll School curriculum is delivering what each child most needs. This means that the classroom experiences are tailored specifically to meet the needs of each child. Given our small classes and tutorials, achieving this lofty goal is actually possible. Unlike traditional schools where a prescribed curriculum defines what happens in the classroom, Carroll’s curriculum emphasizes the skill development and learning strategies that each child needs to acquire and pays close attention to the grade-level content delivered in public and other independent schools. Learn about our Curriculum Guiding Principles

Curricula Areas

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Whole Child

We believe that a commitment to a child’s healthy social and emotional well-being goes hand-in-hand with academic success.

At the Lower School, teachers employ Responsive Classroom activities to create positive, healthy, and emotionally-secure learning environments - and happy, confident kids. We also help students make inclusive and positive connections through community service, talent showcases, recess, spirit days, our annual Fall Festival, and so much more.

Student Life at the Lower School

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