Equity and Inclusion

Since its founding in 1967, Carroll School has been dedicated to affirming the experiences of different learners. However, we recognize that our students' identities are comprised of more than just their language-based learning differences. They come from a variety of different cultural, racial and ethnic backgrounds, family structures, experiences and communities that influence their day-to-day lives.

At Carroll School, we value, appreciate, and celebrate difference and strive to create a community that is safe and reflective of the rich and robust diversity of our 21st century world.

Our mission - to provide what each child most needs - recognizes that academic excellence is directly tied to a deep understanding and awareness of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We aim to produce citizens of the world who are culturally responsive, possess a multicultural lens, and are equipped and empowered to affect social change.

Therefore, this challenge extends to our approaches towards pedagogy and classroom practices, systems and protocols involving the hiring and retention of faculty and staff, admissions, support of financial assistance and other need-based programs, and all other forms of school life.

Give each child what THEY most need

We have deliberately and conscientiously updated our mission mantra "give each child what he or she most needs" to "...what they most need." It's how we choose to include and celebrate all members of our vibrant community.

DEI Conversations & Workshops

Here are a few recent webinars and events we hosted for our community.

Social JusticE & Social Emotional Learning at CArroll
Rosetta Lee Webinar: Parenting with Identity in Mind
Unpacking APISA Experiences during COVID

Meet Osamagbe Osagie

Osamagbe (Osa) Osagie is the Director of Equity and Inclusion at Carroll School

"Before coming to Carroll, I had never considered what it meant to learn differently or to be marginalized because of learning differences. For 52 years Carroll has done a great job of looking at DEI through the lens of learning, access to education, reading and the power of literacy. My work has been to make that lens more expansive and enrich the mission of the school." Read more about how DEI fits into the Carroll mission

Osa Osagie, Director of Equity and Inclusion at Carroll School

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Timeline at Carroll

September 2019: Diversity

September 2019

Carroll School’s student and adult population are more racially and socioeconomically diverse than they have ever been.  

March 2019: Ali Michael

March 2019

Ali Michael, co-founder and director of the Race Institute for K-12 Educators, visits Carroll and holds workshop for parents, students, and staff.

February 2019: AISNE Middle School Students of Color Conference

February 2019

Four of our middle school students joined peers from other schools at the AISNE Middle School Students of Color Conference for a day filled with thought-provoking speakers and workshops.

November 2018: Board Retreat

November 2018

Board of Trustees engages in their first ever extensive training on DEI during the 2018 Board Retreat. Training is led by Dr. Elizabeth Denevi.

September 2018: Essential Partners

September 2018

Carroll School partners with Essential Partners to lead two trainings for all staff and faculty, investing them with tools to engage in deeper, more meaningful conversations across differences.

Read More about September 2018: Essential Partners
September 2018: Curriculum

September 2018

Director of E&I starting working with academic leadership to select appropriate curriculum, materials, and discussions in classrooms and at special events.

May 2018: Ruby Bridges

May 2018

Ruby Bridges visits Carroll School to share her experiences as a civil rights activist.

Winter/Spring 2018: PLC's

Winter/Spring 2018

Administration leads Professional Learning Community (PLC) book groups for the entire faculty and staff, a first at Carroll. The book groups read and discuss Gary Howard’s We Can’t Teach What We Don’t Know.

Read More about Winter/Spring 2018: PLC's
January 2018: RAD

January 2018

The Reading about Diversity (RAD) program starts in the Lower School. RAD brings in volunteer parents to read and discuss books about diversity and inclusion.

Read More about January 2018: RAD
January 2018: Hiring

January 2018

Lead administration began the process of changing Carroll’s hiring and recruitment practices to be more inclusive and welcoming.

Read More about January 2018: Hiring
Dec 2017: NAIS People of Color

December 2017

Osa Osagie, Director of E&I, and two Carroll faculty members of color attended the 30th NAIS People of Color conference for the first time in Anaheim.

April 2017: Osa starts

April 2017

Osamagbe Osagie begins her journey as Carroll’s Director of Equity and Inclusion.

2016: DEI events for faulty/staff


Carroll School begins sending lead administration and interested faculty and staff to multiple DEI-related conferences, events, and trainings. This continues today.

Read More about 2016: DEI events for faulty/staff

The Compass Fellowship

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Fellowship for Teachers of Color

In an effort to address the greatest need of each child, we recognize that diversity and inclusivity are essential to a child’s learning experience, as are great teachers. Federal data and numerous research reports confirm the need to diversify the teacher workforce. That's why we've established The Compass Fellowship that provides to two teachers from historically marginalized communities with a full scholarship for the collaborative residency-based masters degree and licensure program in Moderate Disabilities PreK-8 & 5-12 with Lesley University. Learn More