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Key Steps

The Angela Wilkins Program of Graduate Studies in Education: A School-Based Internship/Master’s Degree in Moderate Disabilities

To learn more and to apply for the School-Based Internship Master’s Degree Program, please follow these key steps:

  1. Contact Haley Blacklow, Director of The Angela Wilkins Program of Graduate Studies in Education at Carroll School at (781) 314-9832 or at hblacklow@carrollschool.org, to arrange a visit to the Carroll campus.
  2. Once your visit is scheduled, forward a copy of your resume and college transcript to Haley Blacklow at Carroll School.
  3. Visit Haley Blacklow at Carroll School to learn more about the program and school firsthand.
  4. As part of the admission process, all applicants must submit either:
    • evidence of having taken and passed both sections of the Communication & Literacy Skills MTEL or
    • evidence of having registered for the Communication & Literacy Skills MTEL
  5. We recommend that you sign up for the Communication & Literacy Skills MTEL as soon as possible to ensure the strength of your application.
  6. Complete the application for the School-Based Internship Program. Applications are sent to Haley Blacklow at Carroll School, 1841 Trapelo Road, Waltham, MA 02451, not to Lesley University. Click below for the appropriate information about the various components for your application. 
    Application Checklist
  7. Round One Deadline: December 15
    Round Two Deadline: February 16
    Round Three Deadline: April 13

  8. The $50 application fee payable to Carroll School should accompany your application. 

To learn more about the School-Based Internship Program and the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL):

The hands-on approach of learning alongside a mentor and being in the class every single day was the most valuable way to develop my skills as a teacher.” Alumna 2015