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The Angela Wilkins Program of Graduate Studies in Education: A School-Based Internship/Master’s Degree in Moderate Disabilities

Throughout the academic year, graduate students will work as graduate interns in each of the two independent schools, providing a unique opportunity to apply theory and research directly to practice on a daily basis. Depending on the choice for licensure for students with moderate disabilities in grades PreK-8 or grades 5-12, graduate students will be placed in a maximum of two different grade levels to work collaboratively with mentor teachers.

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, students graduate from Lesley University with a Master’s Degree of Education (M.Ed.) leading to Initial Licensure in Massachusetts in Moderate Disabilities (PreK-8 or 5-12). This intensive fourteen-month program starts in early June and ends in the following summer. During each of the two summers, the graduate students take courses at Lesley University. During the academic year, courses are taken either at Carroll School or Lesley University.  Carroll courses meet one afternoon per week from 3:30-6:15 throughout the semester.

The strength of The Angela Wilkins Program of Graduate Studies in Education is the unique and invaluable opportunity that graduate students have to work with mentor teachers at each of the two schools. Each day, students spend the entire day in school classrooms where theory meets practice and hands-on learning is highlighted.

If you are interested in The Angela Wilkins Program of Graduate Studies in Education, please call the Director of either program to schedule a school visit and interview.

Haley Blacklow
(781) 314-9832 or hblacklow@carrollschool.org

Beverly Malone
(617) 800-2466 or bmalone@bbns.org

I personally feel that I had an ideal experience in the classroom because of my mentor teacher.  I have felt and continue to feel thankful that my graduate supervisor understood the kind of mentor relationship that would be best for me.” Alumna 2015