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High School Placement

Determining where a child will attend high school after Carroll is a big decision. Fortunately, the Placement Office is here to help!

The role of the Placement Office is to support families as they research, visit, apply to and choose a high school for their child. Our goal is to provide families with the information they need to navigate this process and ultimately make the most informed decision about their child’s next educational environment.

Carroll graduates attend a variety of high school types including public, technical, agricultural, charter, religious, private day and boarding schools. Whenever the Placement staff has an opportunity to visit prospective schools, we hear a consistent message about our Carroll alumni.

They are hardworking students who are using the skills and strategies they learned at Carroll to find success. Not only are they excelling in the classroom, but also on athletic fields, in the theater, art room and throughout the school community.

Regardless of which type of school families choose to pursue, the Placement Office is here to provide support. The process generally begins in the spring of a student’s 7th grade year with our Placement Overview Event. Please carefully review the information contained on this website and contact the Placement team with any questions.


Christine Torigian
Director of School Placement

Cece McNally
Placement Associate

Charlene Kmetz
Placement Associate