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High School Placement

Deciding where your child will go after Carroll School is a big decision. Carroll School’s Placement Office is here to work collaboratively with your family to identify the right next step in your child’s education. It is our goal to ensure students have the opportunity to continue their education in the most appropriate settings - ones in which they can continue to grow while being challenged and successful. 

To do that, we have a road map to help you navigate the process and meet important school deadlines.

First, we invite 7th grade parents to a Transition Overview event during the spring. Starting in the spring of the 7th grade and continuing into the fall of 8th grade, parents meet with the School Placement Office to talk about their hopes and expectations for the child’s post-Carroll placement.

Parents and students interested in independent secondary schools begin asking schools for admission information in the summer before eighth grade or early in the fall of eighth grade, and apply to schools in the fall and winter.

Important Contacts

Christine Torigian
School Placement Director

Cece McNally
Placement Associate

Charlene Kmetz
Placement Associate