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School Lunches

Students bring their own lunches to school. Carroll provides milk for students at lunch. Alternatively, we partner with Smart Lunches to provide a convenient delivery lunch option for students on all 3 campuses.

Starting now, you can order delicious, nourishing lunches to be delivered directly to your child with Smart Lunches’ convenient online lunch subscription. Students can choose from hot and cold lunch options each day (including Friday if staying for after care), or you can order for the month ahead.

What SL Delivers:

  • Rotating menu with a variety of hot and cold meals that kids love to eat
  • Nutrition kids need with healthy sides, no high-fructose corn syrup, and organic pasta daily (beginning 9/5)
  • Worry-free service: we get it right, and your kids will love our lunches, or it’s on us!

How SL Works:

  • You create an account and customize lunches at www.smartlunches.com.
  • They prepare lunches & deliver to school in temperature-controlled packaging.
  • Your child gets a tasty lunch!

Allergen Statement

Smart Lunches currently has 8 allergy filters including the following: Egg Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Dairy Optional, Sesame Free, Gluten Sensitive, Soy Free and Seafood Free. Once a filter is applied in a child’s account, the only menu options they will see will not contain that specific allergen. If a child has a specific allergy other than the list provided, there is currently no filter. They do however provide a full list of ingredients under each meal. If a child has a specific allergy you can choose to dislike a meal within your account and it will not longer be shown as a menu option.

If you ever have a question about an allergy, recipes or the ingredients email support@smartlunches.com or call 1.888.257.6278 for assistance.