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School Lunches

New this year, Smart Lunches is the company providing school lunches to Carroll School students on all 3 campuses. Students may choose from 5 different hot and cold lunch options each day, including Friday if staying for after care, and lunch can be ordered either on a daily or monthly basis. Stay tuned for registration & ordering information!

Alternatively, students can bring their own lunches. The school provides milk for students at lunch.

  • Our account opens on August 16, 2017 (Registration details comig soon!)
  • Delivery starts on Tue, September 5, 2017

Allergen Statement

Smart Lunches currently has 8 allergy filters including the following: Egg Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Dairy Optional, Sesame Free, Gluten Sensitive, Soy Free and Seafood Free. Once a filter is applied in a child’s account, the only menu options they will see will not contain that specific allergen. If a child has a specific allergy other than the list provided, there is currently no filter. They do however provide a full list of ingredients under each meal. If a child has a specific allergy you can choose to dislike a meal within your account and it will not longer be shown as a menu option.

If you ever have a question about an allergy, recipes or the ingredients email support@smartlunches.com or call 1.888.257.6278 for assistance.