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August 19, 2014 We are excited to welcome Carroll students to a new school year! On Friday, August 29th, from 1:00- 2:00 pm, parents and students (except for C8 and C9 families) are invited to an Open House where they can greet their new teachers and meet classmates.  The first day of school is on... » Read more

How Does Targeted Cognitive Intervention Help Our Students?

August 13, 2014 During the summer, Dr. Eric Falke, Carroll’s Director of Cognitive Interventions and Research, gave a presentation to Summer@Carroll parents about the relationship between cognitive skills and learning differences and interventions that have improved our students’ skills. To learn... » Read more

The Connection - Summer 2014

August 11, 2014 The Summer 2014 issue of The Connection focuses on how Carroll is strengthening the underlying cognitive processes of our students, the creative writing of Lower School students, interdisciplinary and project-based learning in Middle School, and the accomplishments of our graduates and... » Read more

New Dress Code Options

August 05, 2014 During the summer, the Carroll School Parents’ Association has been working with our administration and the PA is happy to present additional dress code options for Carroll students. The introductory prices are $10 for a dress code approved short sleeve shirt and $12 for long sleeve... » Read more

Student Assessment

July 23, 2014 Student assessment is a critical component of the Carroll School educational program.  With a diagnostic and prescriptive focus, we use a variety of  assessment tools in order to monitor our students’ progress and help develop appropriate programming that meets all of their individual... » Read more

WBUR's Reading and The Brain

June 19, 2014 Rachel Zimmerman, Co-Host of WBUR’s CommonHealth, interviewed Dr. Eric Falke, Carroll’s Director of Cognitive Interventions and Research, and four of our 8th grade students, to learn more about the scientific understanding of dyslexia and the academic and emotional challenges of being a... » Read more

Celebrating our 8th Grade Students' Achievements

June 17, 2014 Parents, siblings and grandparents gathered to celebrate the hard work, tenacity, and community spirit of the graduating 8th grade class of 2014. Steve Wilkins, Head of School, began his remarks by saying, “None of the other graduations in your future would be possible without your victories at... » Read more

Carroll 9 Celebrates A Remarkable Year

June 17, 2014 Our graduating ninth grade students delivered powerful messages to their parents and special family members on a glorious summer’s evening at the Pierce House in Lincoln. Students spoke about their life journeys before they attended Carroll and the frustrations and challenges they faced in and out... » Read more

What is Happening in Lower School Science This Week?

June 02, 2014 There is a new sound in Donna Paladino’s science classroom and all of the children are drawn to its source. Quietly, Donna’s 3rd grade students gather around a covered cage with a warming light to observe the seven-day-old chicks waking up from a rest. Donna asks, “Do you... » Read more