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Salute to Our Veterans

November 20, 2014 During a recent Veteran’s Day assembly, three alumni and two faculty members spoke about their personal or their families’ experiences in the U.S. military. Three Carroll alumni, Ken Wooley ’88, Jake Eckersley ’04, and Eric Weir ’07 shared the spotlight and with insight, humor, and poignant... » Read more

Carroll's Residency Master's Program

November 14, 2014 How does the Residency Master’s Program work? ·        Provides a 14-month intensive program ·        Delivers advantage of coursework at both Lesley University and Carroll School ·     ... » Read more

Financial Aid Webinar: December 2 at 7pm

November 13, 2014 Carroll School is participating with local independent schools and Aaron Wachholz, from the National Association of Independent Schools, in an online information session to explain more about how the financial aid process works at independent schools and what steps you must take to apply. You’ll... » Read more

What are Focus Area Classes in the Middle School?

October 27, 2014 In the Middle School, every student has a Focus Area (FA) class for instruction in the area of his/ her greatest need. The courses offered are: Orton-Gillingham Tutorial (O-G) – developing automaticity of decoding (extracting meaning from written words) and encoding (spelling); Fluency... » Read more

Innovative Learning In Carroll’s Fab Lab

October 09, 2014 Carroll’s Fabrication Laboratory is used every day in multiple ways, before, during and after school.  If students come into the Fab Lab in their free time to work, most of the time, teachers have to force them to leave for class! Do You Know What Is In Our Fab Lab? 18 x 12 inch... » Read more

Sidewalk Sam: Inspiring Our 6th Grade Students

October 06, 2014 Sidewalk Sam, trained as a copyist at the Louvre in masterpiece painting and promoter of creating arts on a grand or intimate scale, brought his messages of kindness toward others, encouragement to experiment in the arts, and dozens of boxes of sidewalk chalk to Carroll’s 6th grade class on a mild... » Read more

Teamwork and Adventures Jump-Start the 8th Grade Year

October 01, 2014 In early September, our 8th grade students and their teachers set off for an adventure at ‘Nature’s Classroom’ in Hancock, New Hampshire. Last spring to prepare for this visit Larry Chambers, Nature’s Classroom Program Coordinator, met with Liza Feldman, Carroll’s 8th grade team leader, and Liz... » Read more

Rangeley Lakes Bounders' Adventure

September 15, 2014 During the last week of August, six eighth grade students ventured into the wilderness of Maine with our Bounders instructors, Scott Fairley, Dave Johnson and Nate Gregory. Students chose this Bounders trip as a way to both enjoy the last week of summer and reconnect with school-mates before... » Read more

Steve Wilkins' Welcome Presentation to Parents

September 02, 2014 Steve Wilkins, Head of School, faculty and staff, and the leadership of Carroll’s Parents’ Association greeted new and returning students and their parents to Carroll on Tuesday, September 2nd. To learn more about Steve’s message, click on the attachment below. » Read more


August 19, 2014 We are excited to welcome Carroll students to a new school year! On Friday, August 29th, from 1:00- 2:00 pm, parents and students (except for C8 and C9 families) are invited to an Open House where they can greet their new teachers and meet classmates.  The first day of school is on... » Read more