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International Fair

March 11, 2015 Though official passports were not required, your child was transported to new and exciting destinations at Carroll’s International Fair. The lower level of the Waltham campus was transformed into a bazaar of sounds, smells and sights that engaged the students as they toured the scene with their... » Read more

Collaboration with Students in India

March 03, 2015 Many C8 students have had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with students from Global Discovery Academy in Vadodara, India on a joint computer programming project. Scratch is a computer programming language developed for students at MIT. It is a drag and drop coding language, which means that... » Read more

Do You Know How To Make A Scribble Machine?

February 17, 2015 Every year during the fall and winter, fifth grade students study mechanical systems. They perform experiments to observe how variables affect different systems’ functions. As a fun, cold weather extension activity, fifth graders created their own ‘Scribble Machines.’ During recess, the first group... » Read more

What Are the Fundamentals of Carroll's Cognitive Program?

February 10, 2015 During the recent Middle School Parent Visiting Day, Steve Wilkins addressed a full audience eager to learn more about Carroll’s Cognitive Intervention Program and the striking early results reported by Eric Falke, MD, the Director of Carroll’s Cognitive Intervention and Research... » Read more

Hands Across Carroll

February 09, 2015 On a brisk winter day, Lower School students gathered to learn about a memorable day in 1986 when citizens joined hands and formed a link across America in a demonstration of unity. Ms. Fincher’s 5th grade math students shared that the goal was to create awareness of World Hunger and that the... » Read more

Lessons with the Best at Winston Flowers

February 05, 2015 On a recent winter morning, the C8/9 students and faculty visited the Winston Flowers distribution center in Boston.  While there we enjoyed a personal tour and learned what makes Winston Flowers so successful.  David Winston (parent of three Carroll alumni) and his brother Ted share... » Read more

Colors for a Cause

February 03, 2015 This year the Middle School Student Council was very interested in trying to bring some excitement to ‘dress down’ days while supporting a good cause.  Early in the year, a student came up with the idea of trying to unite the student body in an effort to raise money for cancer research. ... » Read more

Devin Powers '94 Receives Acclaim in New York Times Review

January 12, 2015 Devin is an accomplished artist who creates intricate geometries that almost seem to be in motion. His artwork often captures layers upon layers of complex and captivating patterns. In a recent New York Times Review article, Devin’s artwork receives great acclaim. Click here to read more... » Read more

Learning About Brazilian Beats

January 08, 2015 Performing Arts presentations given by gifted professionals are an integral part of Carroll’s curriculum.  Assemblies open a window to traditions and art forms from many cultures and demonstrate the exciting ways that people share their interpretations of their view of the world. In... » Read more