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50th Anniversary Story Project

Share your Carroll School story!

In 2017, Carroll School celebrates 50 remarkable years of teaching bright children. To mark our golden anniversary, we’re planning activities and events to celebrate our Carroll community throughout the year. Whether you’re a graduate of the class of 1967 or a recent alumnus, you are an integral part of the Carroll fabric.

And you have a story … Maybe it’s a story of a lifelong friendship. Or, perhaps a story of perseverance and achievement. Maybe your story is about a teacher that wouldn’t let you say, “I can’t do it!” Or that moment you started telling yourself, “I can do this.” Maybe your story is where you were before Carroll or maybe where you’ve gone since Carroll. Or, just maybe, it’s a simple “Thank you!”

Whatever your story…we want to hear it. You may be thinking, “Why does my story matter?” It does. Or, “I don’t have much to say.” You do. Or, “I can’t do it.” You can. Afterall, you are a Carroll alumni and one thing we know about Carroll students is that they can do most anything they set their mind to.

About the 50th Anniversary Story Project

We’re thinking simple - yet big.

You’re in charge of the simple. Tell your story in a short video - no longer than 3 minutes but can be as short as 10 seconds. Start with the phrase “Thanks to Carroll…” or “Because of Carroll…” and let your story tell itself. It can be inspirational, nostalgic, funny, serious, emotional. Worried about the technology? Don’t! A smartphone video works perfectly and we’ve even compiled some video tips for you.

We’re handling the big part. We’ve set a lofty goal for ourselves to gather 500 videos by end of the Summer 2017. We’ll be weaving them together, showcasing them at key events, and celebrating the unique stories of Carroll alumni. It’s a daunting task but, like you, we’re up for the challenge. Afterall, your story deserves to be celebrated. We thank you, in advance, for sharing it.

Ready to Share Your Video? Find instructions for How to Share Your Videos with Carroll School. For questions, comments or just to chat, contact Mary McNulty at mmcnulty@carrollschool.org.

Video Examples