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Alumni Stories Project

Carroll’s 50th Anniversary Story Project

In the spring of 2017 Carroll celebrates its 50th anniversary. We are now in the process of planning events which will take place over the coming year, culminating in a weekend symposium and gala celebration. These events will focus on how Carroll has evolved in concert with our growing understanding of the dyslexic brain. Most importantly, however, we are celebrating alumni. Our alumni embody all that Carroll strives to achieve. The stories of who you are, who you have become as individuals, students, entrepreneurs, forward thinkers, dreamers is what Carroll’s mission is all about.

The most powerful and impactful way to achieve our goal of creating a celebration of alumni is through a collection of alumni stories. These clips would be featured in various ways throughout the year on our website, at special functions and at our Gala Celebration. We’re thinking big, it is our aim to collect 500 alumni stories in the form of short smart phone video clips. A daunting task yes, but we have a plan. If we start with a strong core of enthusiastic alumni who are willing to participate, we are confident this Alumni Stories Project will pick up steam and build. It is our hope that you would be willing to help us by creating a short video. Then, spread the word; get your Carroll friends to participate by sending them the link to this page!

Every one of your stories will be impactful, but collectively they’ll tell a truly powerful story.

Video instructions:

Your video can be as short 10 seconds but should not exceed three minutes. You do not need to mention Carroll explicitly because these videos are meant to celebrate YOU! Here are some prompts to get you thinking, but feel free to go in any direction you wish.

Take a video with your smart phone and then let Carroll know it’s ready by emailing:

The Carroll School Alumni Coordinator, at mmcnulty@carrollschool.org. Please include in your email, your name, current address and phone number.

Video Prompts (to get you thinking):

My dyslexic moment was….(describe a time you remember when you discovered being dyslexic and thinking differently has its advangages)

I love what I do….(talk about what you’re doing and why you love it)

I never thought I would or I am proud that I….(talk about going after something, how you were able to believe in yourself)

When I meet someone from Carroll or My Carroll friends…(talk about Carroll bonds and friendships)

I still think of Carroll when I…..(I take notes in class, go camping, see a bluebird, eat pickles….say what comes to mind)

Carroll taught me….

I know who I am…(talk about who you are, get philosophical!) 

To get an idea of what we’re looking for, we’ll be posting some sample videos here. Stay tuned!