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Alumni Giving Day

1st Annual Alumni Giving Day

Thursday October 8, 2015 - Fall Festival

Join the fun of this year’s Fall Festival through Instagram (carrollschool), Facebook (The Carroll School) and email!  While you do, please remember to honor your time at Carroll, your teachers, and the students at Carroll with a gift to the Alumni Annual Fund! Your participation will send a clear and important message to our community that your Carroll education changed your life for the better. 

Why Give back to Carroll? Because…

  • Carroll changed your life for the better.
  • Carroll teachers never gave up on you.
  • Remember what it was like when you arrived at Carroll? Take a moment and help students just like you.

Here is a great quote from Steve Wilkins’ speech to the Class of ‘15:

It is unlikely that there will be a more important graduation in your life than today.  Surely all of you will graduate from high school.  And almost all of you will choose to graduate from college.  Lots of you will pursue advanced degrees.

You have learned well, you have become strong people, you have found ways to let your intelligences shine through, you have gained self-appreciation, and you have become stronger for the experience. None of the other graduations in your future would be possible without your victories at Carroll.”

If you can join in with a gift of $25 or more, you will receive a special token of appreciation that only a true Carroll alum would understand and value.

Think you might forget on the day of Fall Festival?  It’s okay to donate now using the same link.


Thank you in advance for your participation!

We would love to share pictures of you on this site so send away and we will post.

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Email us at alumni@carrollschool.org and Like our Alumni Facebook Page.

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Thanks again,     

Mary McNulty      

Alumni Coordinator

(781) 259-8342 ext. 9736 


Meg Dunne '05 The sign reads "I will support Carroll on Oct. 8th!"